Sexual Authority Over Text (and Why Is It Important)

Sexual Authority Over Text (and Why Is It Important)

Sexual authority. It’s one of the most important things you can show a girl when you’re texting her. In this guide, I’m going to explain what it is and why it’s so important. I will also breakdown interactions where sexual authority was displayed and the girl got curious (and led to a bang).

To start, what is Sexual Authority? It can be broken down as something a man has that poses him as a sexual threat to a girl. When a girl categorizes you as a sexual authority, she is going to think you have a lot of experience and this builds a lot of sexual trust and attraction. If I were to teach Sexual Authority in school, I would break it down into these key components:

  1. Sexperience: Women enjoy sex (if not a lot more than men) but when society is constantly judging them for their sexuality or shaming them, they tend to close off. And when you show that you have sexperience with other women, they understand that you’re not going to judge them for being a slut.
  2. Curiosity: If you position yourself as a sexual authority, it makes a girl curious. Even if she has hang ups around hookups on the first date, she is going to want to find out how good you are in bed.
  3. Standing out: If you ever get a girl to open up about her past sexual history, you will quickly come to the conclusion that most guys suck in bed and are quite selfish. If you talk about how many orgasms you can give a girl, you’re going to stand out by being the selfless lover.
  4. Leading: Sexual Authority is a form of leading. You are communicating to her that you will be leading the experience and she can just relax and enjoy great sex she’ll keep coming back for more and more. When you lead, a girl follows as long as she trusts your lead. She feels like she can learn from you. And girls love learning since it’s a form of submitting
  5. Frame setting: When a girl sees you as a Sexual Authority, it’s much easier to set casual, hookup frames. And when the sex is good, she is going to be happy to keep it strictly physical and not ask you to take her out to dinners and what not

If you’ve read a few articles on the internet in relates to female sexuality, you will hear the term “Fuck her mind, and then fuck her vagina”. With Sexual Authority, this is extremely easy to achieve. Her mind, body and soul is going to crave sex once she categorizes you as an Authority/Threat

Now, let’s see these components in real time:

  1. The Student:

Key takeaways:

  1. She first gave a concern about not just wanting a hookup and that most guys actually expect only that when she comes over.
  2. Here I show empathy and let her know that strictly physical hookups or one time thing aren’t my thing either to make myself stand out among other men. As you can see it works here
  3. But I take one last jab at whether she just has a concern or is potentially a prude. “You don’t hate sex. Do you”. And she says no and says that she’s had bad experiences. I instantly jump on that to make myself stand out again and having the knowledge and sexperience that I know most men suck in bed because women complain to me a lot about it
  4. She says that she “has no idea what to do either” and and that probably contributes to the sex being bad. I use this opportunity to lead and say that I will teach her a few things. Make her qualify herself whether she’s a good student.
  5. She says yes and is much more inclined to meeting up in real life and if things go well, she will want to have sex since the concerns are addressed and she sees me as a sexual authority

B) WHY did you start this

Key takeaways:

  1. This is a girl I’m exchanging pictures with and in one of the pictures, she was grabbing her tits and making them look big. And playfully call her out for teasing me
  2. She plays coy and I use this to challengingly say that I’m the last one she should tease. I then go into displaying the value and authority by letting her know that I’ve written guides on how to please a woman sexually. She is instantly hooked. She is curious and wants me to “prove it” to her. That means she’s saying I should eat her out and give her so many orgasms like I promised
  3. I don’t instantly jump on that since men with sexperience don’t get eager when it comes to fucking. So, I use this to qualify her whether she’ll be able to handle as many orgasms.
  4. She says that men have not been able to cum. I use the same principle as the other example to make myself stand out by communicating that a lot of men are clueless in bed. Even wishes me good luck
  5. After some logistics and back and forth, I banged this girl within 10 minutes of meeting up. All because of the frame setting. That’s how powerful Sexual Authority can be

C) Brat tamer

Key takeaways:

  1. This is our mastermind member (IG: matchgods) and he put “Brat tamer” in his bio. This was a great hook for a girl to open him on Tinder once she matched because she was curious
  2. He doesn’t straight go into it, “Say please” since he’s not eager. He indicates that Bratty behavior will be put in place
  3. If a girl considers herself a brat, she knows a lotta men cannot handle her. So, when she sees a guy who can tame brats and has sexperience, she is naturally intrigued and wants to know more
  4. Brats love misbehaving with a man who can punish them and put them in their place. So, he goes on a specific description about how he is going to Lead the experience and what he’s going to do.
  5. Naturally she wants to follow your lead and is intrigued about meeting up. They ended up meeting and fucking of course. All this because he displayed himself as a Sexual authority


Sexual authority is so incredibly powerful. When you have so much experience (or at least she thinks you do), then it’s easy to tell her anything you want and her being convinced about. For example, getting her to do anal. Asking her try sexy lingerie for you. Convincing her to do public sex. All of these, she will be much more willing to do it with you than with a guy who doesn’t have much experience or she doesn’t view as a sexual authority.

What if you don’t much care about casual sex?

It’s the same here. You can still portray yourself as a sexual authority and try to build more of a connection with the girl after sex. She will again view you as someone she can get into a good relationship with because guess what? Most relationships’ sex gets really stale overt time and that’s a major factor for the relationships ending

Hope that helps,

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