Salt Daddy Game: Get Laid Off Seeking Arrangement- Big Booty Sugar Baby LR

Salt Daddy Game Sugar Baby

Salt Daddy Game: The Art of Getting Laid off Seeking Arrangement… for free

Very few guys in the community have written about Seeking Arrangement (SA) in the past, but we thought it was time to share the Love. Welcome to Salt Daddy game. Where you’re the “hot girl” and the chick chases you. Where your value sky rockets and you can hook up with a caliber of girls who would ignore you in other situations

What is SA? (If you’re familiar with it, feel free to skip this section)

For the unfamiliar it’s a website primarily used for “sugar daddy” type of relationships. Hot young girls who don’t like working insane hours to pay for their Gucci bags go on there to find rich older men to “date”.

That at least was the intended purpose of the website. It is also used in other ways though. For example, young submissive girls go on there to find a “daddy dom”. Unfortunately, those are more rare. Also, straight up prostitutes go on there to find clients

Being conscious of all this, call allow you to utilize SA to sleep with some of the hottest girls of your life, with barely any effort. This is known as Salt Daddy game.

Personally, I heard about all this several years ago from a good friend and was very intrigued by the idea. Immediately, I created an account and started playing around with being a Salt Daddy. It took me a bit of trial & error to understand the dynamic and start using it to my advantage. (Guide coming soon)

I used SA for about two years on & off. Eventually I stopped for good and during  that time I acquired a lot or good stories & experiences. Including this one…


She opens me, which is quite common on SA. Remember, on there you’re the prize. You’re a very successful guy…whose not old & decrepit. A unicorn really. As a result, Girls will often be the ones initiating convos with you



On tinder, I like to build a bit of investment before moving over to text. But here, I can be lazier and more direct since the dynamic is in my favor


You will notice a lot or overlap in my texting between here and other LRs. When she doesn’t respond to my second text for a day or two, I reopen her with one of my favorite screening memes. It’s funny, but also pretty sexual to screen out the prudish chicks


She responds positively to it, which tells me she is at least somewhat Dtf and I expand on that. I don’t want to go too sexual too fast, so I slowly build it up, balancing it out with some humor


I notice that her investment is a bit on the low side the past several texts so I want her to qualify a bit and reinvest into the convo. I tell her to send me a Booty pic (much more acceptable to ask for more pics on SA). She doesn’t respond so I hit her with a takeaway and she responds with a picture of her delicious behind


Here it’s easy to amp up the sexuality. I want to build up the investment a bit more before I go for the meet up. I know most of the guys that she’s been talking to would get over eager at that last text so I know it’s important to not jump the gun


Instead, I’m going to keep building up the sexuality. She’s a tad sassy over text with texts like “wouldn’t you like to know” so I mirror her with a takeaway


Here I get the text I was hoping for. She is interested enough to be the the one initiates the meet up (Significantly less chance of flaking). I try to get her out that night, but she’s not free so we agree on later in the week.


The day before I send her a reminder text “excited to meet you tomorrow”. And then the morning of, I send her a variation of a confirmation text “I’m def in the mood today”. This one is good if the conversation has been explicitly sexual


Here it’s just simply logistics and coordinating. The one small takeaway here is that when inviting chicks straight over it can help to say “I’ll meet you in the lobby” after you send your address. Takes a bit of pressure off


More logistics. The key here is just to keep things very simple to avoid any confusion



A bit more logistics and she arrives. I lead her inside and we have a glass of wine. Some girls on SA can be super annoying in their gold digging attempts, but she is actually very cool. We chat a bit and after I can tell she is comfortable I start escalating. She is initially a tab bit hesitant, but I quickly learn that she loves it when a man can speak a dufferent language (Very common). So I bust out my Russian and she instantly gets very turned on.

From there, clothes come off pretty fast and I am eating her out. I get her close to cuming with my lips, before pulling back. She starts begging for it as I tease her. Finally, I take my cock out and she eagerly jumps on it. The sex was really good. We had a lot of natural chemistry. And, that ass…

Afterwards, I drive her back to her place. As she is leaving, she stops and blushes a little bit and says

“Don’t judge me cause we met on SA. I’m not like a lot of girls on there”

I smile and tell her that it’s all good and that I want to see her again. She smiles and gives me a kiss. I give her a gentle slap on that big booty and we part ways

Closing Words

This was definitely one of my better SA experiences. Unfortunately, they are not all as awesome as this. There are also a lot of very shitty people on there. That is what ultimately made me take off my Salt Daddy hat. It’s hands down the easiest way to sleep with the hottest girls. I used it consistently for two years and have zero regrets. Eventually, though it got old.

I will also mention that the risk of some “fucked up shit” happening is higher on SA. Personally, I never had a bad experience, but I have heard stories. Common sense is key. If you want to learn exactly the strategy Indian PE and I used on SA, we are currently in the process of finishing up a detailed guide for our PWF members.