Petite Latina Difficult Pull – Night Game LR


This one was definitely a challenge. It was my second to last night in Europe. BJ and I were in Prague walking to one of my favourite bars/clubs, James Deen. The walk was about 15 minutes from our Airbnb, assuming you don’t get lost on the winding streets. Halfway to the venue, I spot two Latinas walking in a similar direction. If you know me, you know that Latinas are my favourite and being in Eastern Europe for the past month I was quite deprived.

I walk straight over and open the hotter one. Most of the time I go semi-direct. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something along the lines of “Ah are you Latina?”, while keeping strong eye contact. She tries to instantly reject me. “I don’t speak English”, while simultaneously dismissing me with her body language. Nope, not gonna work, I speak a bit of Spanish. I respond “No problemo, ablo gringo espanol”. She acknowledges me a little more this time. I ask her where she’s from in Spanish, but after about half a minute in she tries dismissing me again and tells me in English:

“Sorry you are not my type, I like bigger guys”

BJ had been walking along side me, but not really saying anything. Perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone. I take my girls hand and summon BJ over. I tell her “No problem, touch my friends abs” (In case you’re not familiar with BJ, he’s a bodybuilder). I see her eyes light up now. The combination of this dominant move and BJ’s six pack gets her excited. I then intro BJ to the friend and go back to talking to my girl.

I suggest that the girls join us in going to James Deen. They put up a little resistance and I playfully call them out “come on, I can tell you girls are not doing shit. This is the coolest bar in Prague. If you don’t like it you can go about your evening afterwards”. After a few minutes of Alex logic, they give in and agree to come with us for a bit. It doesn’t take long for me to figure out that my girl is very much a classic example of a Brat. This is the kind of girl that will shit test you endlessly and only respect & fuck alpha guys who are completely unaffected by her nonsense
There are plenty examples of that on the walk over to James Deen. She tells me I am too skinny for her. That she can’t understand my Spanish. That she’s not going to sleep with me. Not an issue. I don’t pay attention to the words and focus on her body language. Every time I “pass” one of her shit tests she becomes more and more attracted. She also has a habit of getting really close to me and then pushing me away. Kind of annoying, but I know this game. At one point I pick her up and tell her I will carry her to the bar like “my little nina” (child in Spanish). She loves it

We get inside James Deen and go to the bar. The layout is two floors. The ground one is more of a chill bar type of vibe and then downstairs is like a club. And of course, both floors are always packed. We are in the top one trying to get a drink. The barman acknowledges my girl and gives her a drink, but completely ignores me. After a few minutes, it becomes obvious this is not an accident. I try getting his attention several times and the finally call him out on this shit. He pretends like he doesn’t speak English, but I can tell he is smiling and enjoying being a douchebag (Side note: in a lot of second and third world countries, if you’re not a local you will have instances similar to this, where the employees at bars/clubs act like dicks for no reason or even actively trying to cock block you if they see you with attractive girls. If you’re wondering why… jealousy/bitterness)

After 5 minutes of being ignored, I realize that this is starting to lose us value. BJ and I wanted a drink, but since that wasn’t happening I just take my girls hand and lead the group to the downstairs dance area. Despite the jealous staff, James Deen is undeniably a pretty cool venue. As we walk downstairs, we see the bartenders blowing flames of liquor to the electronic music playing. The girls see a bathroom and go inside together. At this point, I know my girl is more or less attracted to me, but we still need a game plan.

I pull BJ aside and tell him this is what we’re going to do. First, we are gonna dance with the chicks for 15-20 minutes and escalate a bit. Then I am going to say let’s go grab drinks and lead everyone upstairs. When we get upstairs, we are going to pretend like we are getting drinks for a minute and then I am going to throw my hands up and say that the line here is too long and that we should go somewhere better. Then, I am going to lead the girls to a club right near our place, where I know there is a cover. When we get there and the bouncer tells us there’s a cover I am going to say fuck this, let’s just have some wine on our rooftop. Then isolate. Then kinky sex & cuddles.

The girls come out and I lead them to the dancefloor. My girl and I start dancing and it isn’t long before she tries making out with me (No more than 30 minutes after she pretended like she doesn’t speak English and told me I’m too small for her). I tease her a bit, before finally kissing her back. We make out briefly, before I pull away. I want to give just a taste, but not too much to keep the sexual tension high. My goal is to bang her in my bed, not make out with her in a club. We chill downstairs for twenty minutes or so, before I lead everyone upstairs for drinks

The line is even longer this time. I pretend to wait for a few seconds and then say “Fuck we are going to be here all night, I know a better place”. My girl is more or less down, but BJ’s girl protests and keeps asking why we can’t stay here. BJ tries to be nice and suggest a middle ground, but I put an end to that. “Listen, this place we’re going to is fucking awesome. Let’s go” and lead my girl out the door. Of course, the friend follows.

The walk should have taken 15 minutes, but I get horribly lost and lead us a long convoluted way that takes half an hour. The girls question me repeatedly

“Where are we going”

“Oh, you don’t even know where are we going”

“Tell me the name of the bar, ill navigate”

“If you’re lost we are just gonna go home”

I am confident and tell them every time that I know exactly where I am going. In reality, I am sneaking glances on my google maps every few seconds, while making sure the conversation doesn’t die out. Along the way, my girl starts being bratty again and keeps randomly pushing me. It’s annoying, but I don’t react. If this brat sees her behavior can affect me, this whole thing is done. Instead, I playfully pick her up and carry her part of the way.

About 25 minutes in, I can tell the girls are getting annoyed with the walk. Suddenly, Ben’s girl stops and says “Wait, you guys are taking us to your place. No, we are not gonna go inside”. I assure her with a smirk that we are shy virgins and don’t invite strange girls to our place. Finally, we get to the club around the corner from our flat. Here we get a bit lucky, I was going to use the cover as an excuse not to go inside (a risky move, which has potential to backfire because girls can call us out for being cheap). But fortunately, the bouncer thinks my girl’s friend is too drunk (she really wasn’t) and says we can’t come inside.

This is perfect, because now the girls are mad at the bar and not us. I say fuck this, throw my hands up in the air and say “I guess we can just drink wine at this really cool rooftop down the street” and start leading the group down the street to our apartment. A minute later we are at the doorstep. My girl is following along (she wants to get fucked), but BJ’s girl kind of pauses. She’s hesitating and says she doesn’t know about this. She tells my girl that she should just go with me if she wants to and that she might go home. My girl actually seems more or less down with this plan, but that would fuck BJ over. I walk over to the other girl and say something along the lines of “look, it’s just not gonna be a party without you. Come we are going to drink wine on our awesome rooftop and listen to music”. She agrees and the four of us go upstairs

We get to our place and I play it super chill. Put on some reggaeton. Pop open a bottle of wine and we all go on the rooftop. After 10 or so minutes, I start dancing with my girl. Then we are making out again. Then I pick her up and carry her to my room as she is kissing my neck. I toss her on my bed and she gives me the final shit test.

“You have the wrong idea, I am just going to sleep. Nothing is going to happen”

I respond with “Of course, I am going to sleep too” … as I put my head on her thigh. We lay like this for a few minutes without talking and I can tell the sexual tension is building. But, I want her to “break” first. After two or three minutes she does and starts touching me. I take that as a green light and start escalating again. From that point, there is no more LMR. I kiss her neck. Move down her body. Suck on her nipples as she moans. Take her pants off and eat her out. She loves it and moans harder. I take my cock out and we fuck…. great success

Afterwards, we go back on the rooftop. We drink a bit more and the girls take off after a bit. I go to grab some late night middle eastern food and reflect on the evening. It was a pretty epic night. However, definitely not nearly as epic as what happened the next day, during my last night in Prague…