How to Persuade a Girl To Meet When You Want (Tinder LR Breakdown)

In this guide, we are going to breakdown a lay report where Alex convinces a girl to meet up. The art of persuasion is something that is a powerful weapon you can use in some sticky situations. There’s a subtle difference between convincing someone and persuading someone. Convincing comes from a place of a clear resistance of not wanting to do something and you try to emotionally blackmail/guilt trip someone to do something.

When it comes to persuasion, you have a balance of getting someone to do something but also you’re not desperately trying. You have a solid offer that she’d be stupid to not take up. That brings me to the next point. There’s essentially two components of Persuading a girl.

  1. Value: There needs to be something specific that you’re offering that she can’t refuse. That starts off with a solid profile and description. The best and most intriguing value a girl can get from you is amazing sex. So, if you position yourself as a sexual authority, you’re a commodity she cannot refuse.
  2. Investment: Just having a solid bio, profile and value is not enough, you need to get her invested first. And it doesn’t happen straight away. So, you need to have a bit of a back and forth and get her turned on, horny at the right moment that she is willing to change her mind to show up

These two combined is how you can persuade a girl without coming across desperate or needy. Sometimes you need to persuade a girl just because she’s on the fence or a bit hesitant about going through with the meet up. That’s the specific case here in the following LR


  1. You can see that she starts off investing a lot. She is edging on the side of being excited yet nervous after looking at his bio. About him being dominant and seductively whispering russian in her ear
  2. She points out the handcuffs and she clearly likes it. This should be read as a green light because she is intrigued
  3. The sexual innuendo hits perfectly and when she’s asked what she’s doing, it didn’t seem like she had plans. So, it was best to try going for the same night meet up.
  4. The value that the profile and his bio bring clearly got her intrigued. The major thing that helps here is that alex assumes the date is on. And with that, she is reeled in. Notice how he didn’t specifically ask if she was down to meet up?
  5. With that level of investment, it’s better to assume compliance rather than asking for it.
  6. “Will you come to my place?”. Ideal situation is to get the girl to come to you because there’s a lot less factors to worry about. Say she might have a roommate or an annoying pet. You know what goes down at your place
  7. But in certain situations like these, if it makes the meet easier, it’s better to go to hers. She gives an objection that she has court the next day and it might not be a good idea
  8. In this situation, he bridges the gap with “Haha. I can cum to you”. She suggests tomorrow but alex stirs up a bit of a fomo and tells that he can’t do the next day. This will get her to question whether she can truly not do the same day
  9. “I’m trying to be good”. This is where some guys might fuck up. It’s important to be just pushy enough and not try too hard to convince her. “But you know you want to be bad” and “don’t worry I’ll have you in bed before it gets too late”
  10. The combination of those two texts addresses her concern and pushes her over the fence of meeting up tonight. The last question she asks is “Makeup?”. It’s important to make things as easy as possible in such cases. So, it’s best to remove any factors that might derail this last minute
  11. They meet and clearly bang. She agrees to come over the next time


The persuasion happens with a bit of logical and emotional talk. So, there’s clear flirting that needs to be involved and not just displaying value to the girl. If the investment is high, sometimes it’s better to strike while the iron is hot. In cases where it’s a same night lay, you have to make things as easy as possible to persuade her to show up (or have you come to her place).

Hope that helps,

Indian PE.