My second day in Poland, I had an extremely brief interaction on Tinder that led to the girl agreeing to come over “for wine”. It was actually so easy, that I doubted whether she was going to show up. However, sure enough, thirty minutes later, she messages me that she is outside (very low flake rate in Europe). I come out to grab her and she looks exactly like her pictures: young, skinny blonde with a cute face, and a bit of a booty. I lead her inside and pour us both a glass of wine. Here I am met with a little problem as the cork completely snaps off.  Fortunately, the polish girl is wise beyond her years and suggests I just push it in. Problem Solved.

We sit on the couch and shoot the shit for a bit. She’s intelligent and a bit of a nerd. Super into Game of Thrones, as am I. After, about thirty minutes I start escalating by rubbing her leg. She is quite receptive and I keep going. After a few minutes, I gently pull her hair back and go in for the kiss. She eagerly kisses me back and I start making my way down her neck. She looks down at me and asks me where my bedroom is. I lead her inside and we bang. Zero LMR. The sex was quite good. She loved being fucked doggy style & having her ass slapped. I was happy to oblige. I banged her for a solid half an hour, bringing her to a few orgasms, before cumming all over her nice Polish Ass!

We chilled for a bit and then she took off. I was quite fond of this girl. I am a big fan of cute nerds who secretly love to get fucked. Unfortunately, I did not spend enough time in Poland to make seeing her again possible. Until next time…

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