Last week, I covered the 12 core pillars of game. If you read that piece, you know that “inner game” is one of the pillars. This week, I wanted to dig into this a bit further – by explaining inner game, and sharing my own journey with inner game to help you with your own.

Just about 4 years ago, believe it or not, I was still a virgin. Since then, I’ve obviously come a long way. In this article, I’ll reflect back on how my core innergame beliefs have changed over that time, and how it’s influenced my success with women.

What is Inner Game?

Inner game is the perception you have of yourself and your ability to navigate the world. Having good inner game is crucial to improving at overall game. Plus, women are quite good at picking up on your inner game.

Having a positive frame of mind is something that helps anyone succeed in their fields. It could be business, fitness, or women. Unfortunately, there are “Black pill” guys who believe that if you are a below average guy, you’re basically fucked because women will not settle for you. And they also believe that game is something you are born with. You are naturally good with women. Or you are just meant to die alone.

If that were truly the case, I would not be writing this right now. But my inner game beliefs when I started are nothing like where they are now. Now, I want to go through what inner game beliefs I started off with and how they have drastically evolved into my current ones.

Your Inner Voice

We all have an inner voice and this is the one which makes it or breaks it for us. Say you’re at a job interview and you are really confident you know everything the interviewer is going to ask you, your inner voice is saying “I totally got this, I’m confident I’ll be hired”

Apply the same voice for when you are about to talk to a girl. You’re waiting there, about to approach. You can pump yourself up by saying something confident to yourself, like, “This girl will be my future wife, I just have to go talk to them”.

Now compare this voice to the voice of any guy with a victim mindset. Their voice will go “There’s no way the girl will like me”, or “I’m too ugly and have no game to ever have a girl like me for me”, or “Girls are just shallow creatures looking for attention”.

I was no different 4 years ago. As you might have noticed from my name, I’m Indian. So, I was willingly waiting for my parents to find me a “nice” “wholesome” girl and arrange my marriage to her. Little did I know or even remotely thought I would be able to fuck some of the hottest girls I’d only dreamt of fucking.

Some of My Bad Inner Beliefs I Used to Have

Before I got into game, I was plagued with these beliefs in my mind:

1. “I’m only Indian and no white girl will like me”

When I went to Starbucks, I had to repeat what I wanted from the menu before the worker understood what I wanted. My accent was a huge hindrance because it was too thick and would be difficult to get the other person to understand what I wanted to say.

This would amplify 10x when I remotely even thought about wanting to get with a white girl. I thought to myself I was merely an Indian and pedestalize every pretty girl who walked past me

2. “I’m bald and skinny fat”

I started losing hair at the age of 22. By the time I was 26, I had only the side hair growing and the middle part of my head hairless like a barren football field. I would let the sides grow as if I was eager to come across as Professor X. Not a healthy way to portray yourself to other people AND to yourself. On top of that, I would always shave my beard. Imagine a 26 year old baby tumbling over to come up to girls and say Hi.

3. “I’m not enough”

I’m of a different skin color than most girls in this country, I can’t bring enough to the table to make things happen with a girl. With my insecurities, inability to form comprehensible sentences with my accent stopping me, there’s no chance that I would be enough for even getting a decent girl who isn’t my race.

4. “But English is not my mother tongue”

In india, thank god the education system was in English and I’ve always been fascinated by Hollywood movies. But still at the back of my head, I had a fear of taking too long to process what the girl said to me

This was me circa 2016!

And me circa 2014!

Now here I am circa December 2016, just 3 months into game


Believe it or not, all these 3 pictures have one thing in common, I was still a VIRGIN. The first two pictures look atrocious. Overweight, obese and not taking care of my health or fashion.

The december 2016 picture is when I started seeing some results. I was not going out consistently but I did make sure I went out 3 times a week and soberly talked to women.

My Improving Mindsets

As I started going out more often, my mindsets started to get better.

It really started one of the first nights I went out to a nightclub. I looked around. I only wanted to observe. Something that baffled me was there were a lotta high SMV guys who were looking at the hot girls but that was it!! They were just “looking” – a lot of girls were not being approached at all. I really wanted to understand why this happened.

And then I saw the guys adjusting their shirt, their hair, smelling themselves, etc. Then it dawned upon me “Holy shit! These guys are as insecure as I am”. It dawned upon me that I was on an even playing field after all. The only thing I had to do was go up and talk to the girl rather than looking around “Hoping” something would happen. And here were some of the mindsets that I started developing:

1. “I go up to the girl, I’m already ahead”

All I have to do is go up and talk to her. That’s enough to give myself a chance to stand out from the other guys in the club. Everything else I can just work on. Including my accent, fashion, and the way I talk.

2. “I may not have game now. But I will soon”

By this time, I did fully believe that game existed. I just have to work on gaining this experience. What would I have lost? I was not gonna lose my job. I was still meeting my friends, I still had a social life and enjoyed things I liked to do. So, there’s nothing to lose if I failed at learning game.

3. I only have to look presentable”

The picture from December 2016 is when I was very in tune with what I wanted to wear. (I would still get rid of the glasses and grow the beard if I met my THEN self.) I would pop a mint when I felt self conscious about my breath. I wore cologne, I was feeling better since I stopped attacking myself.

My Mindsets Today

These pictures are spaced out from 2018-present. Every single one of them I smashed (unlike the photo of me with those two girls way back in December 2016). What changed? I look almost the same. Maybe I’m about 10 pounds lighter and have better fashion.

A lot has to do with my current inner voice now. Inner voice that was finetuned from making mistakes, brushing it off my shoulders, positive affirmations from girls, and realizing I’m attractive to some if not ALL girls. Plus, I now view game concepts differently.

Ultimately, my This is what my Inner voice tells me now. And this is what you should also aim for or even “trick” yourself to believe

1. “I’m the best possible option for a girl”

Almost egotistical and delusional. But foundation-ed by experiences over months and years with hottest girls. I know I can make a girl laugh, turn a girl on, attract a girl by just talking to her, so of course I’m the best she will get.

2. “Sex with me for a girl is a win for her more than me”

The girl is going to get an amazing experience if we manage to sleep together. I wouldn’t doubt her mind is going to explode, and that I’m going to be able to make her orgasm multiple times.

3. “I will shine in a social setting”

I can make a group of people like me. It’s not just 1 girl. Their friends will like me too. I just have to open my mouth. Talk to them and get to know them. What is there to lose?

4. “I am confident in my ability to attract my ideal 10”

If I stumble upon my ideal girl, I know I will attract her, intrigue her, build chemistry with her and bang her. I have no doubt in that anymore.

5. “I pick and choose who I want to fuck”

I have a certain standard of women I go for now. She needs to have a great body and the body type I like. Only then, I will choose to sleep with her. And not the other way around

What are these phrases? Why do they feel so drastically different?

These are coming from a place of confidence, experience and positive results over time. All only from going out and putting myself out there. Whether you have bad inner beliefs, you’re already on the road to better ones, or you have solidified mostly good ones, the point of this article is to not only show that this is possible but give you an end goal of inner voice phrases you should aim for.

The evolution of my journey overtime is not something I could have predicted. But, it’s quite possible to get there. Having the right mentors and consuming the right content is big. And on top of that, you need to figure out what works for you and what does not. If you can do all of this together, no matter who you are, you can start attracting hotties like me.

Hope that at least a wee bit inspired you,

Indian “Love dem non indian girls” PE.

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