The texting in this post is going to be Quite different

This was a result of a collaboration, between David and I. About half of the texts are from him and half are from me. A lot of it is also our inside jokes and the texts are hilarious

Quick Backstory: David is 250lb and has a big bushy beard, not your average pretty-boy. When, I first met him, i jokingly called his style “lumberjack game”. This evolved into us creating a who back story, where he is some lumber jack from a town of “woodlandia” obsessed with all things lumber and ofcourse banging girls…Wei Huang was a weird PUA that used to troll Davids Facebook group, ultimately getting kicked out. We payed homage to him as well

There are over 40 screenshots. As typical in LA, the girl was difficult to make plans with and flaky as hell. The situation was further complicated, by the fact that I was supposed to go out of town and that during one of the nights we were trying to meet up, my phone suffered a stroke, which left me without texting abilities for 24 hours.

Finally, on the night we had made plans, she tried cancelling last minute. I told her “Good luck. Your lack of respect for my time is a turn off” and she wound up coming over shortly after.

An hour later, a petite filipina shows up at my doorstep

She has a butter face, but a nice body, with decent tits for her tiny frame. I give her a hug and she awkwardly reciprocates. We go inside my apartment and i pour us both a glass of wine. She starts nervously pacing around my living room, asking nonsensical questions about every piece of furniture. Wine in hand, i lead her inside my room. Its set up so that there’s only two place to sit: The office chair and my bed.

She sits one the bed and continues her barrage of random questions. Her awkwardness rapidly turns into annoyingness. The questions don’t follow any logical structure and I quickly give up all attempts to have a normal conversation. The most memorable/annoying of which was asking to see my internet marketing ads every five minutes.

“Show me the ads”

“Why wont you show me the ads”

“I want to see the ads”

This was standard brat behavior

I knew the best course of action, was to stay firm and not play her games. Instead, I started slowly escalating. It was a two step forward, one step back process. She would kiss me and then get up from the bed and sit in the office chair. I would casually get up, pick her up, and carry her on the bed again. Also, extremely annoying, but typical with brats.

As with most fobby Asians, I had to do all the work, while she feigned boredom (Asian culture is weird). The game changer, came when I got her panties off and used my Hitachi magic wand vibrator on her. She succeeded maintaining her “unimpressed face” for about 30 seconds, before letting out a moan. Slowly at first and then louder and louder, as she came to a shaking orgasm.

Surprisingly though, right after she came, she went right back to seeming unimpressed. As a result, the sex was pretty bad. She was extremely disconnected from her body/sexuality and it showed (also typical with fobby Asians).

However, the worst part was that she kept talking

There might be some guys who enjoy having long logical conversations while having sex, but i find that shit extremely annoying. I almost lost my erection, when she started asking me to show her the ads again….while my cock was inside of her

After it was over, my first thought was “how long before I can kick her out without seeming like a complete dick”. Often times, I hang out with the girls I bang for at least a bit and go again, if the sex was good. Only once, did I have to kick a girl out after sex and she very clearly crossed the line with her behavior. (She apologized the next day and we keep in touch to this day) As a side note, girls respect guys who have strong personal boundaries. If a girl you are a with, crosses the line don’t be afraid to express that. Chances are she’ll ultimately like you more for it

This girl was different though, she wasn’t doing anything “bad”, she was just extremely annoying. Still asking me non-stop random questions, not able to “just chill”. My patience was pretty much spent. Her asking to “see my marketing ads”, while having sex really drained it. I politely, pretended that I had to be up early the next day and offered to get her an Uber. She didn’t seem happy and eventually ordered her own and took off.

Below, is a little video I took right after we “had sex”



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