In this Guide, we’re going to go through a bit of Stirling cooper’s sexting masterclass sexting advice and breakdown what works and what doesn’t. If you may not know who he is, he is a famous pornstar who has a sex course and also a sexting video

First rule of Sexting according to stirling cooper:

  1. You should only sext a girl if you’ve already had sex or You want to get her out THAT night

The first part of the rule, I semi agree. If i’ve already had sex with a girl, I do like to build up some anticipation by sexting her. To get her amped up for the next encounter, get her to chase and really get her excited and look forward to. This solidifies in her head that if she’s thinking about sex, it’s only going to be with you in the picture. Another upside is, that if she is turned on to a point that she has to masturbate, she’s going to imagine her time with you and masturbate




In the above example, she is so turned on that she’s the one initiating the next meet. The vivid description and a bit of call back of what happened between us really got her going and she wanted to see me 3 days after. Obviously during this waiting time, she didn’t look for another dick. She was just wrapped up in thinking about the time with me

The second part of the rule, I sorta disagree with. If you’ve never met the girl and you turn her on, she is going to imagine a lotta things involving you because she sees the picture of you on the dating app and think. Imagine the roles reversed where the girl is sexting you. Wouldn’t you imagine her sucking your dick or riding you? It’s the same here.

Now, there’s a huge disclaimer. You wouldn’t want to overdo the sexting because she might get really turned on, masturbate and it might kill the tension. You’d want to just give her enough to a point that she’s excited to experience all this soon. You do NOT want to become her sexting buddy. I’ve lost quite a few leads because I sexted too much



As you can see, just that one line of vivid description got her excited and turned on. And by not going overboard, she is just getting enough and she is chasing for the meet up days from then. Yes! There’s cases where sexting should be used to get the girl the same night but it’s not end all, be all that if you sext, you HAVE to meet her the same night

  1. Sexual innuendos

These are super clutch. Especially when the conversation needs a bit of fire. Sexual innuendos accomplish a very playful way to introduce sexualizing the conversation. It also subtly frames her as the one making you think these dirty thoughts.

“That’s what she said” is a prime example

For instance:

After he sent the pic of a dog, he playfully said that the dog wants to meet her. And he hopes she likes it “ruff” which has a double entendre of a dog barking and the word “rough”. It’s a harmless way to introduce sexualizing but very effective as you can see

Same here. She says “Nvm. I’m inside” and he says “That’s what she said”. There’s no logical sense to it but it’s a great way to misinterpret what she says and make a sexual joke about it

  1. Read and derive from Erotica

Eroitcas are typically catered to women because men are visual creatures. We get turned on by visuals. With women, imagination is your friend. The more you get her to imagine things she’d be doing with you, the more it will turn her on. The more descriptive it is, the hotter it is for her

Compare the two phrases below

“I’ll fuck you hard tonight”

“I’ll tease your whole body with my tongue, kissing all over it as I move my hand closer to your clit. A shiver goes up your spine as you shake from the anticipation of my tongue on your dripping wet pussy”

Which sounds more enticing? I hope you picked two because it’s a lot more graphic and descriptive.


These examples are pretty self explanatory. When you read a lot of eroticas, this will start to come naturally to you. And the more women you sext, the better you’ll get at it that you don’t even have to copy and paste lines.

  1. Dick pics:

If you’ve watched street interviews with women, they always say that dick pics are a huge turn off. But there’s nuance to it. Dick pics need to be chased for. The timing should be there. She needs to heavily hint at it and you have to get her to chase for it. If you send it out of the blue, no matter how beautiful of a dong you have, she isn’t going to be turned on because it’s a 0-100. Women get turned on like an oven. Men get turned on like a light bulb


When a girl asks you like this, there’s no harm in sending a dick pic. But you need to get her to chase for it with “Say please”. If you give in too early, you may even come across as thirsty and she will lose interest like a light and possibly even block you because she didn’t want someone too easy and eager

An alternate:

An alternative is a bulge picture. You’re not directly showing what you got and getting her to imagine what it might be. At the same time, it’s not try hard and it seems like just a harmless selfie. This will get girls to really want to see the whole thing. It’s like a stepping stone and you can end it on a cliffhanger. You could even just put a ball of tissue wrapped in the shape of a banana and put it in your underwear. (A little hack ;))

For instance:


Sexting is a great tool when used the right way. You have to baby step a lot and get her to chase a bit before giving in. You also don’t want to just straight unload a bunch of paragraphs. It feels too much in too little time. She will lose the anticipation and will not want to fuck you. This concept can also be used in your in person interactions or dates. It’s all about doing it subtly and with a lot of calibration

Hope that helps,

Indian “sext like a pro” PE.

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