How to Never Run Out of Things to Say When Texting

Ever had a woman send you a message, and you weren’t quite sure how to reply? Maybe her message didn’t give you a lot to respond to, or she sent a shit test. So you left her on read, probably forgot about it, and as a result ghosted on the conversation.

And by doing this, you’ve missed out on a chance to get laid with a new girl.

A big issue is most guys don’t have a sense of direction and/or where to take it when a girl gives them something and they don’t think they have a lot to work with.

Today, I’m going to give you cheat codes that I’ve learned, which you can use whenever you feel like you’re getting stuck in a conversation. More than just lines but some guidelines to just nudge the interaction in a positive way rather than losing the interaction gradually with “Hmm”s and “okay”s.

Basic Rules of Texting on Tinder

Before I do that, let’s recap: What are the basic rules of any interaction over text/online dating? If you haven’t sunk it in your head yet, here’s what you need to do to have your basics covered.

  1. Keep opener unique: Try picking out something about a girl’s profile every guy misses. Stay away from a generic “Hi. how are you?” at all costs since that’s what every guy does.
  2. Build investment: You need to build investment. Guys also make a huge mistake of trying to meet up for a date too early. No girl wants to meet someone too quickly without getting a feel of him, ESPECIALLY when she knows nothing about the guy (emotional and not logical information). The more invested she is, the more she will be open to the idea of meeting up with you.
  3. Move it to the meet: This one needs to be used sparingly. Moving it to the meet is your way of showing interest. And you only want to show interest when there is some compliance on her end .

How to Keep Things Moving Forward

There’s a few things to keep in mind when you are just not sure what to say next.

  1. Compliance: A bit of an advanced concept but view it in terms of a series of green lights or red lights. If a girl has been responding to you with just a few words for anything you send and/or takes time to check the app or respond, she can typically be a time waster or she just finds your profile borderline attractive. To gain more compliance, you need to show her more value – to give her a reason to invest and comply. The general advice is to Demonstrate High Value.

Example of a compliant girl:

The girl responded talking about herself, interests and all of her hobbies. A paragraph like that is a major Green light and needs to be rewarded. A reward may look like like a simple “I love that. I can tell we’d have a lot of fun together and I enjoy a girl who takes care of her health”. This shows awareness that you understand she is into you and want her to continue being into you

Example of a non-compliant girl:


This is a pattern of red lights coming through that a girl just responds with 1 word replies or “lol”s. A playful call out like that is recommended but I wouldn’t keep my hopes high if the conversation started off this way.

  1. Avoid gamey-ness: This is on the other end of an extreme when guys have too much to say in an interaction. These usually look like a neg or something that totally flies over the girl’s head.

She is so confused by that long text. When you read it, you’re going to feel the same. He had 0 reason to send something like that, especially to a girl he cold DM’ed on IG

  1. Keeping it simple: You need to reduce the barrier of entry for what a good text may seem like. If you’ve been following us, chances are your text is good as is. Our favorite lines are “Are you originally from around here?” “Been causing some trouble?” “You may be my type”. Works especially well when the conversation is just getting started

Example :

She complimented his physique. He returned the compliment with asking about her booty. She is getting into the “Getting to know each other”. A great response here would be

“Damn, booty must be really popping by now (smirk). I’m originally from ___. What about you” and then continue going towards the meet since she is quite compliant and she likes him

Now lets see the above in action with a couple of interactions



  1. He uses a unique opener. The girl bites it well and says she seduces and breaks hearts. You want her to seduce you. So, he did well by saying (rewarding) “My kinda girl <devil emoji>. How’s your day going cutie”
  2. She tells how her day is going and he keeps it simple again by saying he just finished a workout to look sharp for the date (moving to the meet). She says the same and he compliments the booty
  3. She qualifies herself about her booty and he continues moving it forward with “I’ll be sure to give my professional opinion”. The conversation could have taken a standstill here if the girl didn’t know what to say to that
  4. He tackles it well by adding another questions “What are you looking for on here” as a way to screen out/in if the girl is looking for something casual or figure out her archetype
  5. He continues keeping it simple and sexualizes which she is very into. She gives a small concern that she doesn’t want to fuck straight away. He addresses her concern perfectly and soft closes > number closes following a good texting structure
  6. They did end up meeting and banging. A mastermind member (sale link?) who joined us a few months ago
  7. A lot of guys who didn’t have the basics down would have easily fucked it up at a lot of points in the interaction.

B) Fun & flirty numba close

Key takeaways:

  1. He has a bumble prompt of his making the best carne asada in town. She wants to try it and he does a good job keeping it simple and saying “You’re in for a treat then. I’ll save ya a piece”
  2. She shows more interest by catching on another prompt with “I’d love to hear the Spanish. Don’t make the tacos too good…”. This quickly changes into a marriage roleplay and he shows wit with “My squirrel is a known pastor” insinuating there’ll be a wedding and the animal will marry them.
  3. The roleplay gets more and more fun with multiple themes like Disney and titanic added into the mix. She doesn’t know what to add and actually doesn’t reply to him for a couple of days. A lot of guys would give up here and move on thinking you should never “Double text”. But a simple re-engager gets it going on
  4. He then builds more investment and then goes for the softclose for drinks and she bites on it. Once solidifying the plan, he gets the number
  5. Remember, wit, fun and ability to flirt don’t come over night. Takes a lot of practice and interacting with a lot of matches. Better profile = more matches to work with = many practice pieces

As you can see above, lowering the barrier of what you could say to a girl can open a lot of doors and bring your own creativity out. Girls are emotional creatures and your main aim is to get the emotions churning so as a way to build interest and get the meet.

Indian “Don’t run out of things to say” PE.