This was an interesting story from my latest trip to Europe. I was in Sopot for a Speech and afterwards took the train to Warsaw to hang out for a few days. If you have never been, Poland in general is an goldmine for Tinder. For whatever reason, I get more matches there then any other European country. Lots of hot Slavic women who rarely wear bras.

This was definitely some of my better text game so make sure to check out the screenshots. I went much more sexual then i normally do in Poland due to the vibe I was getting, but you can also see how that creates backlash further down. Everything starts off really good. I smoothly build value and set the frame of a Fuck Date. She is super receptive and we agree to meet the following night for multiple oral orgasms. The next morning i confirm. Everything seems on at first, but later in the afternoon I get a long text explaining that she has to bail. She gives a reason, but i know in reality this is a combination of cold feet and of course the infamous Polish Anti-Slut Defense.

In case you’re not familiar, ASD is a Subconscious defense mechanism women have developed as a result of social conditioning and cultural slut shaming (very unfortunate). Basically, a woman will make any number of excuses (even if she really wants to fuck you) to avoid seeming like a “slut”. In some countries like Finland and Sweden, it is almost non existent because the culture is very non-judgmental of female sexuality. However, in other countries like China and Korea the exact opposite is true because the culture is extremely judgmental of female sexuality. Poland isn’t quite on that level, but it is definitely more noticeable then in America (Important to keep in mind if you visit)

In this situation, her “I’m not this kind of girl” message is definitely out of left field

Given how open she was initially, but I know that in counties with a generally high level of ASD this is to be expected.  I try to get her on the phone, but she doesn’t pick up. I follow it up with one of my favorite texts to get girls on the phone “I can’t seduce you with my xx, if you don’t pick up”. However, she basically refuses my request “Oh man. No seducing!”. My only option is to see what I can do over text. I basically go all out and just start going down the list of possible concerns she could have, while pointing out several times that I don’t judge girls for having fun. At first, it seems like things are going nowhere. However, when I throw out the “Are you a virgin?” question, I get a hit. It always builds instant comfort when you can figure out a girl’s “concerns” and address them.

I can feel the dynamic has shifted now and I throw out chatting on the phone again. This time she agrees without hesitation. The phone call lasted about half an hour. I spent the first ten or so minutes just shooting the shit and building comfort. Once, i can tell she is comfortable with me I talk about the virgin thing a bit, she confirms that she is a virgin because “it hasn’t happened yet”, which really means she has had bad luck with guys. I tell a few stories of other girls whose virginity i took, subtly pointing out that I understand what is required (gentleness, patience, and sexual competence). Afterwards, i can tell she is interested. Then I tell her that she should come join me for a bottle of wine. This time i go purely non sexual, giving her an “excuse” to do what she really wants. (One way of getting around ASD). After a bit of reassurance, she agrees and tells me she will be over in an hour.

Sure enough an hour later, a sexy virgin is at my doorstep.

She looks just like her pics, except with a bit of a booty that I wasn’t expecting. Always a pleasant surprise. I lead her inside and we go on my super romantic balcony. Since she is a virgin, i take it super chill. Just cracking jokes and flirting. I don’t escalate at all for the first thirty minutes and just let her get comfortable. We actually have pretty good natural chemistry and the sexual tension starts building. I start holding my eye contact longer and longer. Moving my proximity a little closer each time, before puling back. Touching her arm. Touching her leg. Brushing past her hair. Staring at her lips. I can tell she want’s it, but i draw this out to really get her turned on before i escalate.

Finally, I go in for the kiss, she enthusiastically kisses back and it’s on. We are making out and then i pick her up (but more gently then i usually do) and carry her to my bed. Her body get’s a bit tense inside so I slow down and put on some music. I show her raggaeton (my latest obsession) and we dance for a bit. Eventually, start making out again. Then i am kissing her neck. Then sucking on her nipples. Then moving my way down her body. She stops me as I get close to eating her out and sits up a little. She tells me that she is “not sure if she can do this”. This is more or less token Last Minute Resistence as her body is not tense. I stop and tell her that we don’t have to do anything she is not comfortable with. After that there is no more LMR. I eat her out and then we fuck.

The sex is probably as good as it can be with a virgin. I like to go a bit rough, spanking, choking, hair pulling, but this being her first time I have to hold back a lot. Personally, i never understood why some guys obsess over virgins (aside from the bragging rights), the sex is always mediocre at best, at least for me. We fuck for half an hour or so until she gets too sore (also common with virgins). Then she gives me an enthusiastic hand job and I cum all over her ass.

We chill for a few hours afterwards. There is actually a pretty funny part 2 to the story, but this I will it at this for now…

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