Today’s topic is a bit advanced. But if you follow our content and put in the work, you can become advanced – to the point where pussy comes in fairly easy, with you having to work too hard for it. And once you get to that point, you still have opportunity to improve. One of those opportunities to improve is going from getting women interested and invested in you, to getting them obsessed with you.

Women are clearly the gatekeepers of sex while men are the gatekeepers of relationships. But in order to get into a relationship, she needs to be invested in you a lot. So, it’s a matter of building investment with her.

The tips I’m going to go through can be used in evil ways. So use these thoughtfully, and do not use them with the intent of hurting women. Only look at these as ways to keep her emotionally hooked and satisfied. This is ONLY intended to keep her wanting to see you more and more and because you give her a good experience, you just create a win-win scenario.

1. Position yourself as the prize

This is something women do really well. You can hear them say all the time “A man has to do this to get me” Or “He needs to buy me flowers to impress me”. This isn’t just 1 or 2 lines that you need to spill out. It’s an entire frame/mindset.

This comes with a lot of internalizing and affirmations. One exercise to do is write down a list of unique qualities about you that only you have and nobody else does. Repeating these in the mirror every single day to really internalize and everything you say needs to come through this lens. Phrases like:

“I’m very selective”

“Sex is easy. Connection is difficult”

“Looks alone aren’t enough for me. A girl needs to bring a lot more to the table”

… are sentences you will end up saying to girls and they will just feel it you’re the prize.

This is very powerful since girls love to chase the ungettable prize. They love the feeling of chasing a high value male that they HAVE to win over even though they say they need to be won over

2. Amazing sex

In this day and age, where dick is so easily available and is almost a cheap commodity like water, you need to work on your sex game. Good dick is easily available. Incredible dick is rare. The sex should not be the exact same sex she can get from other guys, it needs to be better, different, orgasms giving. She needs to feel soo satisfied that she shouldn’t need more dick for the week. She needs to feel like she was drained of all her sexual energy. How could you work on your sex game? Simple, follow all these guides to the T.

These are all the guidelines you will ever need to work on your sex game and sexual authority. When you fuck a girl the right way, she is going to compare sex with you to sex with everyone else. She will keep coming back for more

3. Emotional investment

Vulnerability is the name of the game. You need to get her to open up on all levels. This doesn’t directly reciprocate to you also being vulnerable. You can take your time with that. But getting her to open up, asking her deep questions really makes her open up emotionally and feel more and more connected.

You can do that physically as well by creating that space where she can express herself sexually very well and if she has fantasies that she wants fulfilled, you can absolutely do that as well. The more she feels like she can open up to you, the more she will open up and it’s a snowball effect that keeps building the emotional investment more and more over time

4. Not being easily available

This is an easy trick but extremely powerful. When she feels like she really needs to earn time with you, she’s going to want it more and more. Some additional tricks to use are switching on read receipts, reading the text but only responding 2-3 hours later. Setting up plans but canceling a day before.

This will make her go crazy but she’s going to love the feeling of being treated the opposite of how the simps are treating her. You also want to start off with strictly keeping it 1 meet a week until she really chases for the 2nd meet every week.

5. Love bombing

This is discussed in more detail here. The key is to promise her the world, but not actually delivering on it. Tinder swindler is a great example. He casually jokes that he sees the girl as the mother of his kids. This subconsciously makes the girl picture her being part of a family where you’re the head of the household. When you get her emotions so invested, she will do anything for you. She will be obsessed over wanting to spend more time with you and won’t get enough of you and your presence

Conclusion: From Investment to Obsession

It’s one thing to get women interested and invested. Many guys can do this, after following what we recommend across our videos, articles, and especially our Online Dating Blueprint.

The most successful men are able to take this a step further, and get women obsessed with them. And these 5 items can easily help you understand how female nature works, and how to achieve the goal of obssession.

The big thing to keep in mind: It’s exactly the opposite of how Disney or the movies show what women respond to. They say they want a nice guy but when they get a nice guy, they just get bored quickly and want to blow their brains out.

When you internalize these techniques yourself, women will start showing you more and more attention because you start carrying yourself a certain way and you’ll see that in the attention itself.

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