Today, we’re going to talk about making a girl squirt. Not over text, in person of course. Yes, I wanted to take a different route in our content and to help guys give better sex to women so she can keep coming back for more. This can be understood better with video demonstration. But, I’ll do my best to explain it textually.

First, what’s squirting? It’s the secretion of the skene gland that every woman has. It’s not pee (it does contain some urine if the girl has not peed before the deed). It’s important to know that every woman CAN squirt. She needs to be in the right relaxed headspace and there needs to be a lot of build up so she is extremely turned on.

How is it different than an orgasm? An orgasm is more of an internal vaginal cavity vibration and can be quite pleasurable as well. Meanwhile, squirting is a secretion/release from the kidneys and skene’s glands. Orgasms are usually powered through clitoral stimulation and can get the girl feeling sore and sensitive after. Whereas, with squirting, she can keep going until there’s no more water left in her body

Some more technical background on this. Squirting is more likely to happen when the woman is giving childbirth to soften the pain so she doesn’t die from it. It’s an evolutionary ability given to women which CAN be stimulated during sex but more often than not with a certain fingering motion.

When she’s not pushing out a little human, the way you can make her squirt is by stimulating her G-spot. Now, what’s a G-spot? It’s more like a surface. It’s the roof of the vagina which feels soft and squishy without any bumps and it’s quite close to the entrance. When women are more turned on, the g-spot gets swollen. The matter of the fact is, it gets swollen with the squirt secretion and is only released if you do the technique. If not, she will just pee it out

When this G-spot is stimulated repeatedly, the body goes into overdrive with pleasure and sends a signal to the kidneys. The kidneys grab onto every water molecule it can find in the body and gushes all of it to the urethra. Strictly because the body is in a “release mode”. When this motion takes place, the woman feels a lot of pleasure and that’s when you hear her moan the loudest.

Why Should You Want to Make a Woman Squirt?

Many women find a squirting orgasm to be the most intense orgasm she’s had in her life. So much so, it can leave women in a highly emotional place. Sometimes after squirting, it may get her crying and highly vulnerable to you. This is where aftercare comes into place. Make sure you give them lots of it, in the form of cuddling, holding her, and talking.

If you can successfully make a woman squirt, your chances of retaining her will go way up. This is because the vast majority of guys can’t even make her cum, let alone squirt. And again, because of that intense emotional feeling she’ll have after squirting for you.


The Technique to Make Any Girl Squirt

A bit of foreplay is definitely required. Examples of great foreplay include relaxing massages, a lot of teasing to make her extra horny, and eating her pussy (orgasms optional). Playing it extremely slow. Think of it as foreplay for at least 30 minutes. When you dip a finger inside, she should be extraordinarily wet – almost gooey feeling. Do not finger her other than when you start the motion I’m going to describe.

Once you’ve eaten her out for quite sometime and she’s very wet and turned on:

  1. Start off with just your index/middle finger and slowly tease around the pussy without fully penetrating it. Almost penetrate and then pull back. This sort of teasing / “half-penetration” really gets women going, because they want more.
  2. After some of this, go ahead and enter the vaginal opening with just 1 finger and do an exploration of the inside very slowly. Don’t put too much pressure on the G-spot yet but just the sidewalls. It should look like you’re scraping a bowl off with your fingers to get out the sticky parts of your food.
  3. Now, with just that 1 finger, do a windshield wiper motion on the g-spot. Extremely slowly while simultaneously almost taking the finger out and putting it back in again. Do this for at least 5 more minutes till she’s very turned on and completely wet.
  4. Next, insert both the fingers facing upward. And make sure your nails are clean and don’t have sharp edges. Only let the soft side of fingers touch her vaginals walls – your nails can scrape and hurt her.
  5. Your fingering motion at this point is more of an upward/downward motion than the in/out motion. This is how you stimulate the g-spot.
  6. When she’s laying on her back on the bed, place a pillow under her ass/hip so her vagina is elevated for you to leverage. Your hand needs to be as straight as possible so your fingers can hit her g-spot with both your fingers touching it at every upward stroke.
  7. Think of it as you’re trying to start a lawnmower with you pulling the wire upwards. The thing that helps me best is telling the girl to hold her legs at her knees and pull them towards her. This helps prevent her from being overwhelmed with the fingering motion you’d be doing to her.
  8. The key is to start the up/down motion slowly. And then gradually increase the speed. You should be able to hear a water gushing noise which will later turn out to be the squirt.

Reviews from women themselves:

PS: Just remember to keep a towel handy 😉

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