Banned on Tinder? Follow this guide to learn how to get unbanned from Tinder.

Did you have your Tinder account banned? Trying to figure out how to get it back? I’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing out what to do when you’ve been banned or shadowbanned on Tinder. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps of how to get unbanned from Tinder. But first, you need to know that Tinder will not, under any circumstances, help or let you get unbanned. You can appeal to them but they never get back to you. And even if they did, they’re not going to give you a straight answer.

Something most people are unaware of when it comes to Tinder bans is that Tinder also sometimes flags your pictures, so if you make a new account with different credentials (alternate way of signing up) keeping the same pictures and the order, you can still get shadowbanned.

Shadowbanned: Your profile is active but it’s not shown to other active profiles no matter you swiping right on them. If you have a good profile (you got lots of input from female friends for your pictures AND/OR you’ve posted your profile on the forums for feedback, and yet you still get no matches), you know you’ve been shadowbanned. If you get much better quality and quantity of matches on other dating apps than you do on Tinder, then that could also mean that you’re shadowbanned.

With that all out of the way, I’m going to give you a step by step guide on how to reset your Tinder without having the shadow ban on your pictures so they aren’t aware that it’s the same person. I’ll also explain how you can trick the photo recognition software Tinder has in place.

You need to follow these steps exactly. I’ll go in detail for each of the steps:

  1. Delete the Tinder app on your phone
  2. Factory reset on your phone (optional but highly recommended)
  3. Download a VPN (I use NordVPN), Mysudo app, and the cloaking software
  4. Use a new phone number and login to VPN so the IP address is masked, so Tinder doesn’t know it’s the same phone that’s being used to create this new account
  5. Delete metadata of your pictures you used in your original profile before reuploading onto your new profile
  6. When you login, if you don’t have a different set of pictures and different profile details, use the image cloaking software and/or crop it a certain way
  7. Use different payment details than your last profile for Tinder Plus / Gold / Platinum or in-app purchases

Here are the steps to get unbanned from Tinder in detail:

1. Delete the Tinder app

Make sure to delete the app on your phone and any iCloud data for iOS or clear the cache for Android. This eliminates any data from your previous profiles which may set off Tinder’s algorithm.

2. Factory Reset Your Phone

This step is optional but highly recommended. I get why it may be something you wouldn’t want to do. But, Tinder can sometimes also recognize it’s the same person creating the profile using the Device ID. So, you may consider doing a factory reset. If you’re backing up your data, all your data would be safe and hence you don’t have to worry about anything but the time it takes to restore your device from backup.

3. Download a VPN and Mysudo

Since Tinder also keeps track of your IP address, you’re better off logging in through a VPN app to mask your IP you can download from the app store. (NordVPN is the one I use and like a lot.)

Now, the choice of choosing a way to log in. Phone number is the trusted source of Tinder login since Tinder treats a phone number as a unique device ID. Both Facebook and email way of logging in have more security since they can be logged in through another person’s phone or system. Use the MySudo app to generate a new phone number, and use that number to receive a confirmation text to login.

4. Delete Metadata from Your Pictures

As soon as pictures are uploaded onto an app, metadata is cached along with the original image itself. Tinder can crosscheck this metadata along with the picture recognition software to figure out who you are and shadow ban you. One app I’ve used to remove metadata is called “MetaX”.

5. Cloak and Crop Your Pictures

Deleting metadata can be useful for Tinder to not recognize the picture, but we recommend going further. You can “cloak” each picture using this cloaking software and crop them in just a wee bit different angle than your previous profile, to add an extra level of security and confidence.

These two steps can throw off Tinder’s image recognition software.

6. Use Totally Different Payment Tools

If you want to pay for a subscription to Tinder, or buy any items in the app, make sure you use a different name and payment method, since the banned profile might be associated with the old payment method.

Finally, we recommend trying to use a shortened form of your name, adding/subtracting a year to your age, and using a different bio.

I realize that some of these steps may seem like a pain in the ass or tedious. However, we recommend following this guide step-by-step. Each little step is really important to help ensure Tinder can’t identify you and tie you to your previously banned profile. Tinder is also really sneaky with using shadow bans when it detects you recreating an old profile, so often you may not even know that you were banned. For these reasons, it’s important to take every precaution you can to avoid Tinder figuring out who you are. If you follow each of these steps exactly, you can get unbanned from Tinder and get a fresh start!

Hope that helps,
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