Today I’m going to walk you through my experiment that I did with a girl I met online: getting a girl to fly to meet me. Truth be told this was the second time I’ve done this experiment. Both times it was quite successful but with the first girl, she was getting too crazy before even meeting up/flying to me. So, I had to cut her off.)

A bit background of “Ambar” (not a real name but an alias). Met her on a sugar daddy website (and no, I never had to pay her a single penny). It was quite a short exchange on the site. I lived in Vegas back then. She was looking for someone in Vegas since she’s a cage manager in a casino in her hometown.

The screenshots I’m about to go through are going to be strictly based on one common theme: establishing yourself a man who has lots of value to offer (and using sexual skills as the primary way to do this). Then, once she perceives you as someone of higher value than her (higher SMV according to her), it’s important to qualify the girl so she doesn’t feel any kind of attainability anxiety. In other words, you don’t want her getting anxious that you’re “too good” for her. This was the case even when I met in person since she truly viewed me as god in bed and someone who has authority in life who is confident.

Ambar grew up in a small town on an Indian reservation (ironic I know) and never went to college. Instead, she started working at the casino in her town from 18. By the age of 21, she worked her way up to cage manager. She’d only had sex twice in her life before me. But this really isn’t important here. For you to get a girl to fly to visit you, you don’t have to find a virgin or conversely a very sexually experienced girl. She just needs to view you as someone who is likely to give her a great sexual experience – so great that she needs to go out of her way to meet you.

I’m sharing this because I view the entire situation as fairly advanced game. If your goal is to get really good, one way to test your “skills” is to see if you can get a woman to go out of her way to meet up with you – way beyond just getting an Uber or taxi to your house. The pinnacle of this is obviously getting a girl to fly to you.

Three Key Elements of Getting a Girl to Come to You

So what does it take to get a girl to go WAY out of her way to meet up with you? It really comes down to three main things.

1) Demonstrating High Value (DHVing): Always portray yourself having a cool lifestyle. What’s the yardstick for measuring this? You want to, at a minimum, show you have a cooler lifestyle than her. I lived in Vegas, which was a DHV in of itself. But then, to make it even better, I always told her I was at the club the previous night. I also made myself have limited availability to talk to her, showing I had a busy, fun lifestyle.

2) Sexual Authority: This is more of a feel to the texts you get when you read through them. I’m very assertive in my texting, which screams authority. Even when I qualify her, I don’t overly supplicate but just ease into her being good enough to be flown to me or that she shouldn’t feel nervous/shy.

3) Comfort: This can be considered the most important of the three, since there might be a lot of nerves and a million thoughts running in her head about what may happen when she travels to you. So, it’s very important that she finds you emotionally relatable (and emotionally stable!), and someone who would be considerate of her and her feelings.

On the website, it was a quick number close. She only had one picture of her holding a tree twig (at least, as I remember). I wanted to make sure she wasn’t using a stock picture or something. Hence, after I took her number and realized that she doesn’t even have good network reception, I decided to exchange Snaps. I stayed on Snapchat for most of our interaction because I felt the ability to share pictures through it was a good way to build compliance and comfort.

Keep in mind, the following are only the most important of the screenshots. The entire interaction (143 screenshots) from start to finish is here (REMOVED) if you guys want to check it out.



Takeaways here:

  1. This is the beginning of the conversation with her
  2. I comment on her “possible” booty to see if I can get a glimpse of that too.
  3. “I’d have something to play with on your belly button” was after she sent me a snap of it saying “Should I get a piercing”. Would be extremely counterproductive if you don’t go sexually aggressive straight away. You have literally nothing to lose.
  4. I then go into a sexting sequence with her which she receives pretty well
  5. “I would destroy you” followed by “What’s holding you back? :)” from her. I jump on it to suggest that she come visit me after a month or so.




  1.   You see in the sexting that there’s a massive aspect of dominance. Showing that I’d just take her at will. Lift her up and place her above the railing. She receives everything pretty well and pitches in to the sexting
  2. It’s also important in not just this but other cases that you don’t stick to sexting. A bit of logical talk here and there just gives off to her that you’re not a “perv”
  3. As you can see. It still takes me a bit of re-engaging here and there and you can’t obviously capitalize on a burst of investment on 1-2 days
  4. Whenever she tries to fish for compliments with “I bought a new dress, was able to wear it. Do you like?” I always took it sexual. Why? You don’t want to be a validation texting buddy either
  5. I wanted to video chat with her before making solid plans. You always notice that even if I called her cute, I’ll go sexually aggressive with it




  1. “Do you want to fuck me and that’s it?” She shows a concern here that she may be too inexperienced for me and I take the pressure off that no matter how she would be in person, we would still have a lotta fun
  2. I talk nerdy to her to show some relatability. That, I’m not just a 100% dom guy she’s going to be scared of




  1. I never mentioned a thing about me fucking. But she assumes it and wants me to not tell her about it. This is very key with any girl you see as a potential suitor. Never let them explicitly know you’re fucking other girls
  2. I treat it just like a concern and let her know I’d even wash the sheets



This is post first visit when she was at the airport and I saw her off

She visited me a total of 3 times and the other 2 times, she bought the tickets for herself. Even offered to split checks at restaurants when we went out. In short, with good game and value, you can even get “sugar babies” to get super into you and pay their own way.

Key Takeaways from My Online Dating Experiment

So why did I do this experiment, and what can you learn from it? For me, it’s always about pushing my game to the next level. Taking on new challenges and pushing myself to learn from them. There were some really unique challenges with this girl, that I hope you can learn from:

  1. It started off as a sugar baby / sugar daddy frame, since we met through a platform that focuses on that. You can see that I pivoted it into a normal frame without any of that BS involved.
  2. She was really inexperienced, and her timidity and shyness came up multiple times. I had to keep displaying my own value while qualifying her to reassure her that I saw things I liked in her.
  3. She lived far away, and so us meeting up was obviously logistically complex.

Hope that helps,
Indian PE 😉

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