How To Become A Shit Test Passing God

In this guide, we’re going to go through 3 types of shit tests that women will give you and how to pass them. These are some common ones that a lotta women give. So, if you understand the concept of how to pass one, you’ll be doing better than most other guys who might just get super offended by the girl

What’s a shit test?

A shit test is something women do (the more attractive, the more common) to test how congruent you are to the vibe that you’re giving off.

Girls don’t shit test guys they’re not interested at all in and on the other side of the coin, if the girl is extremely attracted to you, then she won’t test you either. Girls do this to guys they are not 100% sold on yet. “This guy is cool. But do I really want to fuck him? Let’s see how he reacts to this question”. Followed by something that can easily be taken offensively. Like “Why do you think you deserve me?” OR “You’re a little too cocky for me” and so on.

If you get a shit test, it’s a good indicator of interest and you have to pass it by not taking the question seriously at all. For example, for the shit test above

“Because my fortune cookie said so” OR “I didn’t know you were some carnival prize”

And for the 2nd test,

“Do you not like confident men?”

The premise of a shit test should be interpreted as the girl testing out your confidence. So, any answer that suggests assumptive behaviors or not taking things too seriously, you’re in the clear

Now, let’s go through some examples of what’s NOT a shit test so you can get a clear idea of what to not treat as a test and not make the same mistakes

  1. Stranger Danger

Why is this NOT a shit test?

This isn’t a test but a concern. With some girls, you will just not be able to do straight to the house dates. So, you will have to suggest a public setting first and still insinuate that you will take her home after

B) Are you Clean?

Why is this NOT a shit test?

This is quite simple. The girl is concerned that if she has sex with you, she might get STDs. So, you should just be honest here and tell her that you are. If you make a joke here, you’re going to come across a bit insensitive and you may very well lose the girl. As you see, she is happy to hear that he doesn’t have STDs and she is also honest about what she’s looking for

C) Height Requirement

Why is this NOT a shit test?

Again, this is a “buying question”. It means that the girl is actually looking for a logical answer and failing to give one will make her doubt you. In this case, just add one or two inches to your height and give her the measurement. If she challenges this, then adding a little bit of humor like you saw in the second text is good.

One thing to note is that the most common way men will react to tests by women is they get super emotional, or apologize profusely because they think they fucked up really bad and need to do damage control. This is an absolute NO NO. It will make you lose attraction super quick or she will just unmatch you straight up. A good frame of mind to have is like your little cousin trying to annoy you, or get you riled up. You’re just gonna smile and pat on her head. “Aww you’re too cute”

What are some ways to pass shit tests? We believe that shit tests can be passed in a total of 3 different ways.

  1. Reframing and flipping it on the girl
  2. Exaggerate with humor
  3. Keeping it direct, short and sweet

The best way to explain these are with tangible examples of course

  1. Are you a pussy eater?


  1. He starts with “You look like you’d have a great pussy to eat” to sexualize the conversation
  2. She goes “Wouldn’t you like to know” which is a test to see how eager you’d get. He answers it with a reframe and shows confidence
  3. “Ya, unless you’re not into multiple oral orgasms”. This is perfect because you’re actually challenging her and also taking a step back
  4. When she goes “Oh are you that sure of your abilities???”, she’s again testing your confidence, the direct approach of “Confidence comes from consistent results” works golden here and the interaction moves forward

B) Can you be my christian grey


  1. The girl opens with a very explicit interest so it’s important to capitalize on that and sexualize here. Or she will quickly lose attraction.
  2. “Perhaps you’re submissive I’m guessing”. This is a good way to get her to first qualify herself (flipping the frame) so that you can be her christian grey. If you were to eager here with something along the lines of “Omg! Of course I’ll be”, then the girl loses the urge of challenge and probably ghost
  3. She goes “Only for the right dom…”. She is saying that to test whether you are the right dom and how you would show it
  4. It’s better to not prove yourself here with “I’m the right dom. I’ll show you soon”. This will again get her to urge you to prove yourself and the frame of this is just bad
  5. It’s much better to get her enticed with “Oh I’d have you worn out on my bed begging for more orgasms”

C) You sex addict


  1. He hit her with the PWF trademark “Hey trouble” and she instantly tests him with “You called me trouble you sex addict?”
  2. A normal guy would just try to start justifying with “no. I’m not a sex addict. What makes you say that?”. That reply might even get you unmatched. Remember, the girl is testing your confidence
  3. So, the best response here would be something that demonstrates that you are unashamed of the frame being a sex addict. “Yeah I did”
  4. You would think she’d continue being hostile but when the guy responded with that, it’s a refreshing change for her that he’s not insecure or apologetic about being one
  5. Another example of being direct and keeping it simple working


A shit test is quite common when it comes to interacting with women because girls want to make sure that you are actually the guy who you’re acting like and not just putting on a front like most men. This is something most woman do consciously or subconsciously to make sure she’s making the right choice by sleeping with you. The best way to practice passing a shit test is just by envisioning the type of tests you might receive and try to come up with a witty response that doesn’t drop your attraction. Typically, the exaggerated way of passing the test works best because it displays that you don’t take things too seriously, and her disrespect isn’t really personal to you

Now, if the girl is blatantly trying to disrespect you, it’s also important to assert boundaries without getting emotional and hysterical. If you receive a test from the woman, always remind yourself that she is only testing you because she’s clearly interested on some level. That instills a bit more confidence because you know that the girl is actually into you and you just need to pass the test to seal the deal

I’m sure that helps

Indian “Keep calm and be confident” PE.