This one wasn’t easy!

The initial message exchange on bumble got off to a good start. Good banter and playful back and forth. She was replying almost instantly. Then when I asked her if she was from Russia (which was related to our convo), she suddenly stopped responding. I figured she probably just got distracted or something and re-opened her the next day with a Ryan Gosling meme. She gave me a very short answer so I decided to switch to text, just to be safe.

Over text, she rescheduled to the following night. I sent her a playful spanking meme (related to the earlier joke about her being a good girl) and she doesn’t respond. A few hours later, I decided to follow it up by trying to confirm our plans (assuming the sale), and she is down but refuses to meet at a bar close to my place saying its “too far”. Here a frame battle ensures. She wants to meet at a bar near her. However, that goes against a hard rule of mine. I only meet first dates at my place, at their place, or at a venue close to my place. There are variety of reasons for this, but I will list the three main ones

1) Saving Time- In America (where i’m from) flaking is off the charts. When I first got into game, I would travel to meet girls at a place convenient for them only to have to wait an hour or even be flaked on. I quickly learned my lesson. By meeting near your place, you don’t have to leave until the girl is physically on her way, thus if you get flaked on you didn’t really waste any time.

2) Higher Interest- If a girl travels half an hour to see you and you walk five minutes down the street, by default she is more invested then you. As a result, that means she on average subconsciously more likely to want to “make it work”, which makes it easier to establish yourself as a “buyer” and her as the “seller”. This may sound manipulative, but I call it good game. Women are not biologically wired to be truly attracted to a guy that will bend over backwards for them. Instead, they want a high value guy whose first priority is himself (at the very least in the initial stages of a relationship). This isn’t completely black and white ofcourse. You can drive an hour to see a girl for the first date and still be the buyer, but its on average harder

3) Higher chance of getting laid- Just like it is easier on average easier to lend money, then to borrow, it is on average easier to invite someone to your place, then to convince them to invite you to theirs. A girl could be paranoid about her roommates over hearing, she could be worried about you knowing where she lives, etc. However, if its your place none of these objections exist. Its only a matter of: if shes attracted to you and if she’s comfortable with you.

At one point the Russian girl tried to write me off as a ‘fuckboy”

However, I turned it around with a nice takeaway “When exactly did I say I wanted to have sex with you”. Ultimately, I convinced her with a series of voice memos. Saying shit like “how is our love ever going to happen if you wont come there and I wont go there”. (All in russian). She finally agreed to meet me at the bar I initially invited her to near my place at 1130 pm

I made the date that late, because I had already made plans to meet a girl from Hinge at the same bar at 8pm. (That Lay Report is in my mastermind) I finished banging the first girl right around 11pm. I immediately checked my cell phone and saw that the Russian girl texted me 5 minutes ago saying she was about to leave soon. Fortunately, the first girl was looking to call it a night too so she took off a few minutes later

I took a two minute shower, threw away the used condom wrapper, and headed out to the same bar to meet my second date. I get there before she does. The guy at the door recognizes me from before and comments that I’m back. I tell him I have a second girl that im’ about to meet and he is impressed. I grab myself a second drink and chill on the patio section in the front. (As a side note, for public dates I always like to arrive a few minutes before the girl and grab myself a drink. Vast majority of the time, this is an easy way to avoid the whole “who pays” conundrum)

5 minutes later, the Russian girl arrives. I am definitely impressed.

She looks just like her pictures but with bigger tits and an even juicier booty. By far the hottest girl in the place. I give her a confident hug and make a joke how I am happy that she is not a big black guy. We go inside and she grabs a drink, putting her credit card down (will be relevant later). Afterwards, i lead her back to the patio and we sit at a table. The date starts off on rocky footing. I am a little bit tired after banging the first girl and she has the typical hot entitled Russian princess bitch shield. Furthermore, I can tell she is better with Russian so I am forced to speak to her in that. I speak Russian fluently, but am still much better with English.

It takes me over two hours to pull. She talks a lot and goes off on a lot of side tangents talking about how she is the best at this and the best at that. There are also a lot of standard interview questions and a few attempts at trying to shame me for inviting straight to my place. Fortunately, I am unshamable

I slowly escalate and it is even a bit awkward at times as she changes the topic quite often and is initially pretty unreceptive to any form of physical escalation. I put my hand on hers and she moves it away. I try to brush past her hair and she moves her head.

Some guys might take this as a sign that the girl isn’t interested and would give up.

However, I know better. Most Russian average are attracted to dominant alpha males who are relentless in pursuing what they want. They will often be cold at first to see if the guy is truly an alpha male they can fuck, or just a Pussy they will friend zone .

Thus, I start escalting anyway. 20-30 min, I move my chair close to hers. An hour in, I start bringing up BDSM (she tells me her “co-worker” sent that message and that I need to change my bumble bio (yea sure). She verbally deflects everytime I bring up sexual topics, but after a bit I get her into it. I tell her that I can tell she enjoys having her hair pulled as I take my hand and brush past it. I then take another guess and say that I bet she loves when a guy picks her up and tosses her around. Her eyes light up a bit and she says that is her favorite thing ever (also important info for later), before again changing the topic

The girl very much likes to talk about herself and tries to disqualify me numerous times as either bieng too young, too much of a fuckboy, lacking a purpose, etc etc. I pay zero attention to this and just hold strong eye contcact and tease her for her nonsense. My attitude is basically like a father talking to his little girl. He isn’t mean, he just doesnt take anything she says seriously.

At one point, I try picking her up and putting her on my lap.

I can tell she likes it, but she also gives me a pretty hard no saying she is “a classy lady”. In this case, I decide to go for a subtle pull. About two hours in she has definetly warmed up to the idea of me physically touching her and I can tell she is quite comfortable with me. I say lets go and she gets up to follow me. I try leading her straight out the bar, but she stops me and says that they have her credit card and she has to pay

Inside she grabs the bill looks at it and looks at me…and suddenly ask If I wanna pay it. The ultimate shit – test. I confidently look her in the eye and say no, with a smirk on my face. She turns around and pays it. Then she looks at me and says that I should’ve paid it and tries giving me a speech about how Its what a gentleman would do blah blah.

I leverage the fact that she spent half an hour telling me how she is not the typical Miami gold digger and basically throw that at her

“I thought you were not the typical miami girl and were all indiependent and didn’t need anyone to take care of you. I was quite impressed. Are you saying that was all a lie?”

I say this confidently, but not argumentatively and after a minute she balks and says

“ok, we can go. I just need to use the restroom”

Ill be honest, I thought there was about a 50% chance she was gong to sneak out through the back.

It was really hard to tell with this girl. Fortunately, she came out a few minutes later and we bounced. She asked me where we were going and I told her I know an awesome place, and to just trust me. If you are confident and lead, this will work vast majority of time (provided girl is comfortable with you). I picked her up randomly as we were walking but after a minute she asked to be put down because she was worried I was going to drop her. I then teased her for thinking I was an asshole.

I lead her straight to my apartment building and she sort of stops by the entrance to the lobby saying “Wait, this is your place”. I confidently walk over and pick her up for a few seconds as I say “Yes it is” before putting her back down. This pretty much seals the deal and she follows me inside.

Inside, I got probably over an hour and a half of LMR. I played it super chill for the first 30 minutes and just let her talk as we sipped on tequila and listened to music. I slowly started to escalate, but she kept stopping me numerous times and moving away. I laughed it off and would try again a few minutes later. It took a lot of careful persistence and slowly turning her on, before taking a step back as her Anti Slut Defense kicked in.

Eventually, I got her shirt off and was sucking on her Big perky tits

Then out of nowhere she gave me a Hard no and said we should stop. She then walked into the living room and I asked her what was up. She had a big fear of STDS and was convinced everyone in Miami had AIDS. I logically dealt with her concern, by saying I get tested frequently, that I always wear condoms, and that I just moved to miami anyway.

20 minutes later I was escalating again before I got another hard no. This time learned that she had a lot of bad experiences with banging dudes and the becoming obsessed and stalking her (common with very attractive girls). I dealt with this one with logic and humor. Explaining to her that I work a lot and have way too much going with my life to stalk anyone, but if she insists I will pinky promise her.

About an hour and a half in or so I could tell I addressed all her concerns and had gotten her interested in the idea of fucking me. I picked her up a final time and carried her to my bed. She gave a few token protests “I’m not going to your bed”, but this time I could tell she didn’t mean it. I toss her on my bed.

Clothes off. Holy fuck she is hot. Eat out her pink pussy.

She is into it, but few minutes in her paranoia kicks in again and she asks me to put on a condom (while I am eating her out). I don’t wanna fuck up the lay, so I cut her oral session short put a condom on and fuck the shit out of her.

She had pale skin and a big booty which turned beet red when I would spank it. She moaned as I slapped it and fucked her in doggy. By the end her ass was completely red as a tomato and I came all over it, while she moaned. Awesome fuck. Unfortunately, afterwards she got a bit bitchy/pouty again. Saying how i’m probably a player who does this all the time and blah blah. I pinned her against the wall whispered a few sweet words in her ear and she became sweet again. At least until she took off, which wasn’t long after as it was 5 in the morning

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