This was not my typical tinder hookup. It took an INSANE amount of persistence.

I lost track of how many times this girl flaked on me. Some guys, would say that it wasn’t worth the effort and that I should’ve given up after the first or second time. I would disagree. Most good things in life require persistence and work, otherwise everyone would have them. A while back, I learned to never base my plans around a girl that i am trying to sleep with. This means if one girl flakes, i have other girls i am trying to meet up with. If they all flake, I still have something else I was planning on doing that night.  Plus, nowadays persistence in dating is easier then ever. How much”effort” does it really take to periodically send someone texts. Not much.

I message her first and we quickly establish that we are both looking for a hookup. However, she is out of town and not free to meet up with until a week later. Usually, not a good sign…with how ADD the world has become, emotions change and people forget pretty fast. That effect is amplified with tinder…and even more so in Los Angeles.

It Took me two months.

That first message was sent right before christmas and we did not wind up meetin up with until mid/late february, almost exactly two months later. Throughout that times span there are over 30 screenshots of messages. Most of it is me trying to meet up with her and not succeeding.

I pull out all the stops. At one point, even sending her a home made porno of mine and another time a picture of another girl i fucked the night she couldn’t hang out.  I do this to counterbalance my numerous attempts to meet up, showing that I have abundance and don’t really care when she flakes.  That is the key to being persistent, you have to balance it with fun and cant get butthurt when you get flaked on (nor should you, since its rarely ever personal)

Finally, one evening i get a message “come over & fuck me”.

Through my persistence, I had stayed on her radar, until one evening she was bored and horny. Fortunately, I was just wrapping up work and drove straight over. She still lived with her parents, but they were out and about. Look-wise she was a little hotter then I expected. Athletic body, but with very nice curves for a skinny white girl and a really cute face. She was also very down to earth, which I did not expect.

She led me inside to her bedroom and we went straight to it. Her body was delicious. I went down on her, watching her squirm with pleasure and then lasted as long as I could pounding her from different positions. Then we parted ways. The good thing is that once you fuck a girl once it is much easier to meet up the second time. You become a lot more of a priority. Logistics were against us. We lived pretty far apart. I hit her up randomly a week later when  I was in her area for work and we met up for round two

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  1. Anonymous on December 31, 2017 at 7:20 AM

    How do you go about taking pictures of girls, or is it pictures they send to you? I liked your example about using it to counterbalance the persistence with abundance.

  2. Pancake Mouse on December 22, 2017 at 9:38 PM

    Why do you always ask girls what they’re looking for? Why not just escalate anyway.

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