Poland was the second stop of my three week Euro Trip.  Due to a weird flight, I got in pretty late. I went to get some food, sent a few tinder messages and passed out. The next morning I work up and saw a crapload of notifications. My Tinder was buzzing like I have never seen. Over the next few days, I would come to learn that tinder in Poland is AMAZING! One interaction seemed pretty promising and after a little back & forth I was able to get her to come over for “wine on the patio”.

I met her outside my apartment and she is slightly worse looking than her pictures but still definitely Bangable. I give her a confident hug and lead her inside my place. We sit on the couch and I pour both of us a glass of wine. I can tell by her body language, she is quite shy and decides to take it slowly.We drink and make small talk. I tell her a few travel stories and ask her about life in Poland. After 20-30 minutes, I can tell she is beginning to feel more comfortable. I sit a little closer to her on the couch and begin slowly escalating; touching her knee & then pulling my hand back, brushing my hand past her hair, holding long eye contact, before looking away, etc. I keep this up for another 20 minutes or so, building up the sexual tension. I want her to feel the anticipation & longing before I make a move.

Finally, around 50-60 minutes when I can feel the sexual tension is high, I go in for the kiss. She eagerly kisses me back. I pull away after a few seconds, smile, and take another sip of wine, before moving back to kiss her more. This builds it up even more. I kiss her neck, moving my lips down her body and she starts lightly moaning. I suck on her tits and she gets even hornier. After a few minutes, I take her hand and lead her into the bedroom. She mumbles “we shouldn’t” and “we just met” a few times, but I can tell she doesn’t mean it.

We fall on my bed and start making out again. I go to take off her pants and she stops me saying again we just met. I know this is just token LMR because her body language is relaxed and she is smiling. I stop for a bit and make out with her a little bit longer, before confidently taking her hand and putting it on my cock. She starts rubbing it. Then, I slowly move my fingers to rub her vagina. She puts her hand on my arm in a half-hearted token attempt to stop it but quickly gives in. As I start fingering her, she moans louder and louder. I move to take her pants off and she doesn’t stop me this time. She looks at me with her cute polish smile and asks if I have condoms. That’s all the green-light I need. I put one on and we bang.

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