FITXFEARLESS Texting Guide: Legit Or BS?

In this article, we’re going to analyze the texting guide given by a famous red pill content creator. If you’ve never come across the red pill previously, thank yourself. RP essentially boils down to being the opposite side of the spectrum of feminism. It has a very distinct woman hating undertones and always finding a way to protect one’s ego.

The PWF perspective of what Red pill is will become clear when we go through FitX’s guide on texting women. I’ll go through point by point based on this video: How To ACTUALLY Text Girls.. { FULL GUIDE }

The Setup:

He describes “The Setup” as being the process of only getting the girl’s number if she agrees on a date. If you just get her number without “The Setup”, then she will either not respond or just never agree to come on a date

Pwf’s take:

There’s a bit of truth to this. But it’s not going to change anything significantly. If she’s not interested, even the number along with the date agreement will not get her to show up. She needs to be invested enough and the interaction prior to that is what matters most. Another general exception to the rule is that the girl barely checks the app. So, if she’s taking days to respond, I typically just say “I never check this. Shoot me your number and let’s get out of here”

Here are some examples:


No Emojis:

He talks about emojis being a very feminine thing to do. Also, using “lol” or “lmao”. And he says that guys do that to succumb to society’s trend of how texting works.

Pwf’s take:

Some truth to it as long as you’re using an emoji or an acronym in every single text you send. You have to use these sparingly. Guys use it too much out of fear of offending the girl or being a bit edgy. We use them when it’s obviously a tease, but it’s too difficult to understand the tone over text.

Don’t play her game:

If she takes 20 hours to respond (or a long time), she has shown you that she is not interested. It would be simp-y to play her game and do the same. She doesn’t care about you. If you took even longer, she will continue not caring about you.

Pwf’s take:

This has to be some of the most ridiculous red pill take ever. Firstly, she hasn’t met you. How can she be interested, that she will constantly respond to you as quickly as possible? You aren’t a priority for her yet. Maybe she was just busy? Everyone has a life. Feeling entitled to any and every girl’s interest is just plain silly and egotistical.

The hottest girls always require a decent amount of persistence. Why? She simply has a lot of options and she can easily get overwhelmed. But hey, if the other options are Red pill followers, you’re definitely in the clear ;). Here are some examples where persistence actually lead to hookups

Lastly, there could be soooo many reasons why she is taking long to respond. She was probably sick. A family member died, her 20 year old cat was put down. Taking everything personal is again an extremely egotistical way of looking at these things

Here’s a simple guide to understand exactly how to be persistent rather than needy.

Stop trying to be witty:

You should not try to make slick jokes or try to be funny over text. You’re trying to make an impression over text. They won’t understand what you say with their room temp IQ. Don’t try to be funny over text. His goal is to maximize you. Not the lays. His goal is to help you attract the highest quality women you can get

Pwf’s take:

Again, extremely silly take. Women want to have fun. They enjoy the seduction process as much as the sex. If you can get her emotions going, the next step is turning her on. They will absolutely not want to meet a boring guy who is strictly texting her for the meet and nothing else. If there’s no build up, women don’t feel enticed about meeting you. We view texting as a tiny trailer to how you are in person. Why? Because women view it exactly the same way. So, if you are boring over text, you might actually be much more boring in person.

Also, massive hypocrisy. He calls women’s IQ as room temperature, meanwhile, turns around and says he wants you to attract the highest quality women. How are those 2 things true at the same time?

Offer 2 days for meet:

He says that after getting the number, not to go back and forth, not to be witty, and just go for the meet. Give her 2 days you are free and tell her to pick which day works. Not to give 2 days in a row since that’s low value behavior

Pwf’s take:

Half truth to it. You don’t want to be available every single day of the week but what if those 2 are the only days you can meet? How else will you offer the 2 days for her to pick one? We famously first ask her schedule and only then pick a day to meet. And we do a lot of back and forth to get her invested a bit first and set the right frames to make the bang possible


You get the point. Red pillars always take things to weird extremes. The top comment under the video states: “Ask her out within the first 5 messages or get used like 99% of men”. So, you’re getting used if you send her more than 5 texts without going for the meet? How exactly? For the 6 words you type to send a text? Do you feel used when you send a message to your buddy?

This is why we have a sense of distaste for the red pill since they always try to give you “Don’t do this” as advice which has a deep rooted issue of defending/preserving your ego. “Oh you want to ghost me? I’m a high value man. I block you bitch”. Does that sound like a healthy mindset to have? You’ve gotta have fun when interacting with women. If not, you will fall into a downward spiral and just continue listening to the content which helps you cope with “female nature”

Hope that helps,
Indian “Only be witty” PE.