We matched on hinge and I used my rather successful opener “You look like you’d have a great pussy to eat!”.

I had a couple days to get this done before my flight. Fortunately, I get a positive response and I know she is DTF. I know I can get an instant fuck date as long as I can kill any objections I receive quickly as possible while keeping her mind on getting her pussy eaten out. I want to keep the topic on orgasms and oral sex. I don’t want to stray away and have meaningless conversations. And I don’t want to risk saying something wrong (and time recovering that I don’t have). She asks if I am visiting or if I live in Vegas. This is a very common question from locals. You can completely end the interaction so I instead of lying & saying yes or possibly ending the interaction, I say I am here for a month every other month. She can rationalize this a lot better & it’ll make her curious.

During both days she kept asking me why I do this. I replied very short answers “friends here”. I get no reply. So I tell her the exact time I leave to put pressure on her to be more urgent and remind her of the pussy eating. I send my typical triple message line that works very well “If you’re nervous, I’d totally understand!” – This conveys understanding and a lack of desperation. But also challenges her by making the assumption that she is nervous. or not fun. Or shy. Not adventurous, etc… Women will typically feel the urge to defend themselves & qualify. She responds by telling me she gets off at 3 am. I know as long as I get her number (she’s not responsive on the app; likely because notifications are turned off) I can text or call her when she’s getting off and try to get her over. She sends me her phone number.

I text her “This is the pussy eating champ”

It’s funny, but like I said earlier I want to stay sexual & on the topic of pussy eating considering this is what really drew her in.. I ask her how she’s feeling tonight. Her answer will tell me a lot. If I get something about how exhausted she is, I will not push for the meet since it will be at 3-4 am & she will be even more tired. She probably won’t come over and I don’t want to push it. If she does come over, there could be LMR due to being so tired. But she tells me she’s horny. Which is what I needed to hear. “I’m really in the mood to eat you out. Hope you’re ready” – I remain on the Pussy eating topic. Hope you’re ready is a non needy way of pushing for the meet. She asks where I’m staying so I send her my location (I know she works nearby).

She says she’s nervous and wants to bring alcohol. Great sign. She’s not relying on me to ease her nerves but I do a bit with the massage line. There’s an obstacle. She doesn’t have her ID and she cannot drive into the community without an ID. So we sort this out and she asks if I want wings. Of course I do, but I always want to avoid food. Especially at 3 am. And end it with a eating you instead joke (keeping her mind on getting eaten out). So she finds a spot to park and I meet her outside the gate. I give her a hug and immediately lead her inside and straight to my place and right to my room. I want to get my dates to my room/bed ASAP. In under a few minutes of meeting. She asks for ice and cups and sits on my bed. I bring it to her and shut the door. I sit next to her as she pours shots of vodka. She’s clearly nervous as she is talking a lot. And fast.

I don’t get LMR because I am very observant. I read her body language and wait until the signs are right to escalate. A good window. And I know if I go for the booty massage (I typically go for within a few minutes) that I could face some LMR. Also, I find her incredibly attractive. I want to prep her for a lot of orgasms. So I need her first to be very relaxed before I start to build the sexual tension before escalation. 30 minutes in I’ve barely said anything. I’m attentive. Keeping strong eye contact. Building a connection & showing understanding. I try to deflect attention away from me & only give very to the point brief replies that leaves her more curious each time. 20 minutes in I find a few windows for very short (non sexual) touches. Touch & pull back. After the third touch I can tell I’ve built up enough tension & it’s driving her nuts. She asks me to take a shower with her. I decline. While in the shower she kept making loud noises to get my attention. She’s trying to draw me in. She doesn’t know how to work the shower. I come in while she’s naked to fix it for her. I am unfazed that her perfect naked body is in front of me. I make strong eye contact and tell her to enjoy my shower and shut the door.

Her seduction attempt failed. At this point I am just fucking with her.

I want to see how hard this hot ass chick will chase. But also building tension and anticipation makes better sex and usually more orgasms. It’s not very often she gets to chase a guy. She comes out of the shower in her towel. Takes a big gulp of her vodka and gets in bed with me. I can tell she’s so fucking horny and she needs it. She’s got the horny eyes. She’s biting her lip. 30 seconds in she couldn’t take it anymore and kisses me. Throws off her towel and wraps her legs around me. I push her off me, toss her on her back and get in between her legs. Kiss her lips, her neck, down to her perfect tits and slowly making my way to her thighs. I tease her body with my finger tips and slowly toward her pussy. She’s dripping wet. I kiss around her pussy and slowly start licking her beautiful pussy. She can’t help but let out a loud moan as I finally touch her pussy. It was several hours of fucking and eating her out. Made her orgasms and squirt 30 times or so. She was instantly hooked. She kept saying “omg i’m so happy. I’ve never felt this before” 100 times. “Who the fuck are you? Where did you come from?”… She’s hooked. Normally I can make this girl chase for months but I was flying out the next night.

The next day she showers me with more compliments. She pushes for a day 2. She wants it so bad she calls in sick & picks me up (her place this time). We eat at a pizza place (first time in several months that I took a girl out to eat) and head to her place for a night of fucking. She showed me texts she sent to her friends telling them that they need to come over and fuck me. Of course at this point I am contemplating missing another flight for some epic LRs with her hot ass friends haha I head out in the morning and she begs me to come back next week. I can tell she is trying not to cry. She knows she’ll never find another pussy eating champ. I spent 2 days with her and hardly talked at all. Didn’t reveal any details about my life or who I am. I made sure that I was mysterious, made her chase and fucked her very well. She fell in love & offered me to fuck her hot friends. Next Vegas trip will be interesting…

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