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Online dating can be difficult. And, I’m not just talking about these apocalyptic Corona times (Ey! It’s corona time right now). If your SMV isn’t an 8 or above, the quality and quantity of matches you get reduce significantly. And the matches you do get can be a little flakey, one word Vanessa’s, and seem to be an uninterested girl. The obvious answer to that is to build more value in the way you text.

But, there’s a huge butt (pun definitely intended)!. What if you’ve done enough of value building, ran good Olympics level text game on her and she still is being non-compliant. She keeps responding like she’s not interested. What do you do then? We nat PWF always make sure to teach maximizing your results on online dating. And not just your profile, but also your text game and what to do during situations when the girl ain’t giving much. (Trust me, I’ve been there).

Being an Indian and one of the least preferred races out there in the Sexual Marketplace, I need to a little bit extra to get a girl really hooked and invested. So, I’m going to give you some effective techniques you can use to turn around those frustrating interactions where the girl is saying stuff like:


“We’ll see”

“I’m not sure”

Just reading that gives me the creeps. But first, what is non-compliance, and what does it look like?

You: “Hey! How’s that quarantine lyf”

Her: “Nothin much”

You: “What do you do for fun?”

Her: “I do stuff”

What’s happening here? The girl isn’t giving you a lot to work with. She’s coming across uninterested. This is what we call non-compliance. Carrying a conversation is difficult in such situations. So, what do you do about an uninterested girl like this? Through practice, I’ve been able to find some ways to turn around these interactions (sometimes). To get a girl interested who has been uninterested. I categorize the “turn arounders” into these 3 areas:

Going sexually aggressive

This category is my favorite since you basically have nothing to lose and you’re going high risk with the girl. The downside is that she gets bitchy and she yells at you, calls you a creep, and blocks you. Best done over text (and not directly on your dating app of choice) to avoid getting banned 😉

Let me go through an example and explain what I did here. This one is from a mastermind member who needed some help.

Find the original LR below here



Key takeaways:

  1. Starts off with “Haha what” and “Lol thanks?”. He tries to frame her as being shy. Good attempt at throwing a challenge her way so she can qualify.
    “If you’re too shy, we can change topics”, “Don’t be shy”, even asks her interests to try the relatability angle. But, nothing works. This girl is impervious to our textgame. He does manage to get the number. But here’s where she really shows interest the first time:
  2. He soft closes with the “romantic date” again, but she replies with her favorite “hahaha” word in the English language. She is being a little bit too nonchalant at this point, he calls her out “You high bro?”. Almost dissing her as coming across a little weird. Still doesn’t budge “Nah”. “Are you always this talkative” doesn’t get much of a compliant vibe either. He tries to exaggerate by using the word “love” and then she keeps saying “Our love?” like an incessant donkey.
  3. Can confirm she is quite a brat. Needs to be disciplined and then “I’m gonna slap that brat out of you in no time”. This!!!!! This is when she shows real interest. “That’s a little aggressive don’t ya think”. I pick up on it on real compliance after what she follows with. He goes “Something tells me you’d love that”. She replies with “No comment”. Whenever a girl gives me an “on the fence” reply, I always like to build up more on top of that. To get a hard NO or a YES.
  4. “I know what else you’d love” followed by “Being tied up to my bed and being teased. Not allowing you to cum until I say so”. She goes “Interesting. You’re kinky. I like it” and followed by “If you got me an Uber to and from your place, I would literally fuck you rn” Ba da bing! Ba da boom!.
  5. She wasn’t responding to anything even slightly less sexually aggressive. The being called out on the “brat” thing and that she would be slapped was what that really made her tick


Let’s straight jump into the next LR. This one was broken down by Alex a while ago: Take a look here. It starts off very mafia style. But, it gets better 😉



Key takeaways:

  1. Gotta admit. His textgame was all over the place. the girl wasn’t giving him much at all. Calling it “Oh that’s cute” when he tried to escalate even a little bit explicitly on her
  2. I tried to soft close on a curiosity loop but it didn’t work. Followed by her ghosting and him re-engaging with “Yo sexy”
  3. The way I helped him turn around was with going the “Your behavior was probably tolerated by other men because all of them are pussies”. She gets curious
  4. Followed by a cold read on her that she demonstrates the qualities of a girl who’s only met sub-par men and that her bad behavior is something she gets away with quite often. A woman loves being read accurately. Shows that you have experience with similar girls like her and that you know how to handle her.
  5. She is extremely intrigued and wants to know more about how she is perceived. This wall of text reels her in and seals the deal.

It goes:

Here goes!

You’re a girl who is quite feminine and submissive. Does not tolerate a pussy man. You test a man to make sure he is as Dominant as he claims to be. You want a man who can take control and is always decisive and knows exactly what to do. You want a man who can dominate you in bed. Choke you, pull your hair, spank you, face fuck you till you pass out. I’d slap you to wake you back up and the first thing you’d feel is my dick in your mouth. (All this only if we have chemistry) But that doesn’t mean you being at the giving end all the time. You want a man who can go hours eating you out and makes you squirt. Who’s as kinky as you are and can see past the innocent face and see you for the real you”

  1. This is when the dynamic shifts and now she even starts double texting and hinting towards the date. Number close, logistics, close. Last screenshot gives you the story. “Bruises” 😏

Calling her out on the BS:

This is a variation of the sexually aggressive but without the sexual aspect to it. You basically want to show her that you’re a man with boundaries and that you won’t be disrespected or let someone not give you what you want. In essence, you want to communicate that you don’t take a “maybe” for an answer. You either get a YES or you move on to another girl

Find the original Love report here



Key takeaways:

  1. This is a mid interaction where the girl had no real reason to not give the phone number. A lot of guys can relate that some girls just don’t give their number even when there was a lot of good banter and great textgame beforehand
  2. She gives “Maybe later. I won’t be back in LA until Tuesday”. He responds with “You can give it now. I cross my heart I won’t text you until Tuesday. I don’t want to forget our love”
  3. “Umm, its a bit early….”. Here is where being a little genuine can help.“Understandable. I just thought we could exchange numbers because it felt like we were at that stage. I don’t like to beat around the bush. I hope you understand :)” – This shows massive empathy but also communicates that he wouldn’t take a “maybe” for an answer and that they have a good vibe together. Why not
  4. Followed by a little bit more back and forth and then ignoring another number close. At this point, she has to make a decision. So, he hits her with “Lol. Alright. I’m going to try to move this forward one last time. And then I’m done. Shoot me your number”. Ultimatummaxxxx. She ain’t getting any if she doesn’t decide on helping move this forward.
  5. She gives an obvious fake answer which is extremely out of place “Mmm… you come off as aggressive like dominance and assertiveness but you kind of just don’t give off a great vibe.”
  6. She is going to get called out on it hardcore. We don’t take that lightly 😉 “You’re joking, right? I tried to move this forward. You just completely started to get super nervous and sketchy. I mean, if there’s something sketchy I have to know, you can let me know. Don’t pin your nervousness on me. That’s a terrible antisocial quality (no offense. But I have been nothing but nice to you) :)”
  7. She finally gives her number. They meet up and she gets extremely hooked as you can see in the screenshots from 1 month after this. He probed her in person why she was behaving weirdly. She said she was hung up on one guy and was on Tinder for some fresh out of the oven “attention”

Another example below. This is Alex’s girl and I was watching their interaction in person doing his magic. Very yummy Indian. And I’m usually not attracted to Indian girls (I know. I’m terrible). She seemed like a sweetheart in person but below you’ll see how much more shit she needed to give before the meet. “It sometimes be like that if you ask me”. Girls do need to give a guy some shit to provoke an emotional reaction from them, to pounce on their weakness, if you will. That’s a way of filtering out Low-value men for them. Since emotionally unstable = bad decision making = bad at taking lead.


Original LR here:



Key Takeaways: (Keyest of em all)

  1. The date was set for a day but neither of them texted each other to reconfirm. Alex got busy and hence thought it was best to leave it for another day. He engages her with a sexual meme. Make sure to check our IG for that meme: https://www.instagram.com/realplayingfire/
  2. Instant brattiness and finds a way to undermine his humor. He completely ignores it and just misinterprets it as if she accidentally sent all that and meant to say You misspelled “Hola guapo”. She stills finds a way to be a grammar nazi
  3. The key here is to not get reactive at all but take the heat. It shows that you can handle the bratty behavior and put her in her place if ever needed. (Massive cookie points)
  4. She had originally only liked the text of solidifying the date and time of the date and it seemed like a half-assed once and hence he did not push. She sends him a screenshot that she did confirm (Sometimes girls can overestimate their confirmation skills).
  5. A little bit of back and forth and then they solidify the date for real this time and they meet up. Make sure to check the LR for more value beans


An emotional concern:

Now this one is more of a gut feeling you’d need to develop. There might be great banter. Amazing flirting back and forth and yet she seems hesitant and distant to the idea of meeting up. This particular LR is of an emotional concern she had but never communicated it until he actually probed her. He triple texted her until she actually gave him more than a blank text

Find the original LR here:



Key takeaways:

  1. After a good back and forth as you can see on the LR, she just ghosts him. He sends a meme which is still funny and light hearted followed by her saying “I’m not interested”.
  2. “Is it because I’m ugly or…”. Even though he isn’t ugly, calling out the awkwardness will make her give a much more real reason since if he were ugly, she wouldn’t have matched.
  3. “I don’t think you have a very authentic profile”. That’s a real concern and not something she’s talking out of the ass about. When it’s an emotional concern, you just need to address it the way she’d like or give a suggestion
  4. “Would a nice spoon pic put your anxiety to rest” or “We can video chat. That way I can make sure you aren’t a catfish either” can deal with the concern
  5. She still gives a lot of resistance but you can see how he deals with it on the LR

Anoda one (DJ Khaled)! This is a typical one and is usually the objection when the interaction is borderline sexual. Girls don’t want to openly look for hookups. No girl wants to feel like a one-time thing and not be hit up after. So, when you get sexual with a girl before meeting up, this will show as a concern.


Key takeaways:

  1. It needed a little bit of re-engagement but the texts were definitely spaced out and not too eager.
  2. When she asked “What you are looking for?”, “A hookup” is never the right answer. And neither is “a relationship”. Hookup is something she won’t cater to and if you say a relationship, she is going to assume you will get serious and attached much quicker than her
  3. “To find a cool girl I have chemistry with. And break my oral orgasms record”. If the tinder interaction has gone sexual enough, this is not really needed but to add a sexual edge to it will help clear things up for her on what the frame is.
  4. Her concern seems to have been addressed but she ghosts him anyway. After quite a bit of re-engaging, she gives a concern that she’s not looking to hookup but apologizes later that she made wrong assumptions.
  5. Some empathy again here but also making it nonjudgemental towards her since he’s over ONS. And would like to keep seeing a girl regularly once the sex happens

Other great re-engagers when the girl ghosts after a good back and forth and textgame:

“If you’re too shy, I’d totally understand!”
“If you’re too shy, we can talk about Rick and Morty and puppies”s
“Don’t be shy”
“Don’t think too hard”
“That booty isn’t gonna spank itself”
“Too bad. You’d have looked great tied up to my bed”
“If you’re a little inexperienced, I’d definitely understand”
“I honestly did not take you to be the flakey type”

You get the idea. Throw in subtle challenges to figure out if she’s actually a time-waster or someone who’s into you by implementing these “turn arounders.” If she’s a time-waster, then great, you can move on. And if the “turn arounder” works, well, you might soon be having a date on that romantic patio of yours…

Until next time,

Curry man “saves the day” Indian PE.

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