This one enters the list of my best Tinder hookups

She Messaged me first “Hey =)”. In one of her pictures she had some greek letters, I googled them and found out what sorority it was and nonchalantly ask her about it in my second message (showing knowledge of her world, helps builds massive comfort)

She tells me she is only in town for the weekend, this means that I need to go for the meetup ASAP…A few more lines of banter and I ask her my favorite screening question “what are ya looking for on here”

She says she wants exactly what I have in my 50 shades of grey bio and I tell her that we should get together soon. She asks if i am free the next night, I want to meet her tonight, so I casually throw out the idea of meeting tonight in the most nonchalant way that I can.  She says she might be able to. I transition to SMS by giving her my number and telling her to text me (builds more investment).

She Messages me right away

We banter for a few texts. She starts screening me by asking questions like: What I am looking for? Do I do this often? Etc…I pass all her questions with ease. .Her final one is “how do I know you are normal?” I decide to use this as an excuse to get her on the phone and lock it down

I call her and she doesn’t pick up. I start to think..fuckk! She calls me back a few minutes later, saying she was in the shower. We talk for a minute or two, I just joke about her accent and tell her not to just go in her towel. Very straightforward. I ask where she is staying (always good to do this on the phone, while emotions are high) and it is less then a 10 minute drive.

I get in my car and drive over. I call her when i’m outside and a few minutes later she comes out and gets in my car. She is a cute, young, bubbly college girl with a big booty (my favorite). I kiss her on the lips and start driving to my place. We bullshit for a few minutes and she brings up my profile again and how much she liked it.

At this point, I know that she is 100% down

I ask her what she liked the most….. “Was it the hair pulling?” As i take my right hand off the wheel and give her a nice yank….”Was it the choking?” As I move my hand down to her neck and tighten my grip

She loves it and starts gently moaning. I get hard and take her hand and put it on my cock. She starts rubbing it back and forth. I move my hand down and start rubbing her pussy. We are driving down hollywood blvd (extremely busy street) and she is moaning as I finger bang her.

We are both extremely turned on. We finally get to my place. I lead her straight into my bedroom and throw her on the bed. She loves it. I rip her clothes off as she moans. I go to finger her again and she is dripping wet. I choke her a little, while playing with her pussy. Then, I shove my cock in her face and she eagerly sucks on it

Finally, I throw a condom on and slide in.

She is extremely submissive and loves to be dominated. I do just that, for 30-45 min, at one point part of my mattress even starts coming off. I use my Hitachi Magic Wand “back Massager” on her, bringing her to an intense orgasm as I choke her with my other hand.

I tell her, I want to cum on her face and she eagerly gets on her knees (gotta love submissive girls). She rubs my thighs, begging me to cum on her and I bust a huge load. 10 minutes later we repeat. Here is a little video, I made that night.


The next night she comes over for round #3 and #4. This time, I fuck her without a condom and its even better. Interestingly enough, I learn that I was the third guy she ever had sex with. She had been on tinder for a few months, but most of the guys messaging her were just pussyfooting around too much.

We Still Talk all the time

Of Course, being my luck she was only in town for the weekend, but we still keep in touch and are trying to meet up in the future. This is not unusual, I still keep in touch with a few other girls that I have written about. Due to popular request, this time I also included the screenshots after we hooked up, for anyone who wants to read what I talk to girls about after sex


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  1. Henry on July 13, 2018 at 1:39 AM

    Whats in your bio alex?

  2. Anonymous on February 16, 2018 at 1:43 PM

    Hey man, just stumbled across your page. Its awesome man. Quick question tho, what does your tinder bio say? Might be somewhere on your site, but I haven’t found it yet.

  3. Anonymous on May 26, 2017 at 12:08 AM

    Thanks for the insight and advice! This really helps

  4. MD on May 22, 2017 at 11:22 PM

    Any Chance you reveal your bio or give some inspiration?

  5. Anonymous on May 22, 2017 at 2:34 AM

    Hey Alex,
    On your tinder Profile do you show your age? I’m 26 and I really want to go for the 19-22 year old college girl age types, but I feel like if they filter me out by age because they only want to date guys their age. But then I see you’re able to get 18 year olds. How do you set up your profile stats for that?

    • Alex on May 22, 2017 at 5:03 PM

      I did an experiment a few months ago, where I made my age on Tinder 21. I got a lot more hot young matches, but a lot less results. Most of the time, the girls who are 19-22 and actually dtf are looking for an older guy (within reason). You bieng 26 is actually the perfect age. I show my age (27) and you should too. Just make the best profile you can, swipe a lot, and eventually youll get the younger girls (at least for another 5 years)

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