I love Big Asses on Skinny Olive-skinned Girls.

Most guys I know aren’t fans of tattoos, but I like them as well. We matched on New Year’s Eve, I was in a funk due to overwork and had no intention of going out. It seemed like she was in a similar situation and so we made plans to meet up later that day. Everything was going well until I asked her for the address and she stopped responding.

A few things could’ve happened. I was responding to her messages, pretty fast so she might have thought I was a little too needy. She could’ve gotten paranoid at the idea of me actually driving by her uncle’s house, or she just had something better come up (as if that’s even possible) Either way, my big booty dreams were crushed.

The next morning, I messaged her the same silly meme I sent out to all the girls on my phone that I was trying to bang. She responded and I could tell it was still on.

This time, I used every ounce of self-restraint

I knew I had to be patient and “wait” before sending her each message. This led to her double texting me on a few occasions when I was “taking a while to respond”. This time when I asked for the address, she sent it to me without hesitation

Not going to lie, I was a little nervous. I had been thinking about that ass since the previous night and didn’t want to fuck it up when she arrived. I was definitely attached to the outcome. In hindsight, it’s a silly thought to have, since if a girl is on her way over to your place, the hard part is over and it’d be pretty hard to screw up

I get a call when she is outside, so I come down. She looks exactly how I imagined: Alternative/punk style, good shape, cute face, and a Phat ass. We go inside and I turn on some music. I sit in my computer chair and she stands near me… I start rubbing her lower back and she is into it so I push her on my bed and start making out with her

I comment on how her ass is amazing

and she asks me “what am I going to do about it”. I immediately throw a condom on and start pounding away with both of our shirts still on. Sex was awesome. This girl was into all the same shit I was, I could spank her as hard as I wanted and she wouldn’t flinch, I could yank her hair and she would moan louder. We banged for a while and I finished all over her cute face. Fucking hot.

Afterwards, she wound up chilling for most of the day, watching random youtube videos and having more sex. That big ass for me was like catnip for a cat. I just kept wanting more.

At one point she asked me to fuck her without a condom.

Guys who like to sleep with a lot of random girls generally fall into two categories: trying to never use condoms or trying to always use condoms. I am the latter. Too paranoid of pregnancies and STDs.

Later that night, I drove her home. She gave me road head for part of the way. We lived pretty far apart so the logistics made hanging out again pretty difficult. A month later, she hit me up asking if she could live with me for a little bit, due to issues at her place. I was a definitely tempted but had enough sense to politely say no.

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  1. Anonymous on October 23, 2017 at 9:22 AM

    Bro you make this shit look easy. It sucks being 5’7″ and Indian 🙁

    • Alex on October 25, 2017 at 1:39 AM

      You cant change your Height or ethnicity, but you can still get ripped, dress fashionably, develop social proof thus increasing your SMV significantly. I talk about this extensively in my tinder product (shameless self-plug)

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