OKCupid vs. Hinge. Which of these are the best dating apps in 2020?

Curious about the best online dating apps in 2020? I’m going to review all of the most popular dating apps… and give an honest look at which are worth using.

With a constant growing list of new dating apps & websites, it can be confusing to figure out which ones are worth your time. If your goal is to have sex with hot women, you need to only spend your time with the best dating apps. This list will take the hype & guess work out of the equation, to help you focus your energy on where you have the best chance to meet quality girls and get laid.


  1. Tinder – Still very solid if you know how to use it correctly. About 50% of my online dating lays come from here as you can see in the love reports. The key is to have great Tinder pics and a strong Tinder bio to stand out from the sea of other guys.
  2. Bumble – Higher quality, but typically less quantity of matches. Possibly the hottest girls out of all the dating apps (not including Seeking Arrangement). I’ve had a few very solid successes on there and definitely recommend this app. Bumble is considered more “dating oriented” than Tinder, but in reality you will find all kinds of girls on there. 
  3. Hinge – A very solid option. Girls from Bumble on average are hotter than Tinder. Similar quality as Bumble. The platform itself is like a cross over between Tinder and a more traditional dating website, but in a good way, borrowing the best features from both worlds. It also gives you the additional benefit of being able to screen right off the bat with your answers to the profile questions.


  1. Plenty of Fish – Very outdated. Was a viable option a decade ago, but slowly became obsolete. Nowadays there’s very few quality girls on POF and the ratio of men to women sucks. Lots of bots, cam girls, and escorts though. Overall, definitely not recommended 
  2. Okcupid – A step above POF, but still has a lot of the same issues (Outdated, lack of quality women, lots of bots, and a bad ratio). Should only he considered if you are just trying to rack up lays, without concern for quality
  3. Badoo – Composed most of bots & chicks with inactive profiles. Overall, poor return on your time and not recommended. 
  4. Feeld – A more explicit version of tinder. Is a decent way to have a threesome (guy & girl), can be ok for finding single girls if you live in a heavily dense city. The two big issues are horrible interface and a low user base. Average quality is pretty low as well. Overall verdict is neutral if you live in a large city. Give it a shot if you want, but don’t focus a lot or energy on it.
  5. Coffee meets bagel – The average  quality of women is lower then the top three apps. HOWEVER, has a very high proportion of Asian girks so if you have yellow fever then this might be the app for you
  6. JSwipe – A solid option if you live in a city that has a Jewish population. (Pretty much every city in the U.S) Lots of hot normal girls who don’t care about religion and just want a cool normal guy. Overall quality is pretty good. 
  7. Inner circle – I personally haven’t  tested this as thoroughly as others, but from what I saw it definitely has potential. This app mostly attracts  professional girls who have their shit together. Good quality and responsiveness

In summary, there are three dating apps that are most worth your time. Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are definitely the best dating apps today. A few of the others may have some potential. But if you’re trying to meet and have sex with hot girls regularly from online dating, you should definitely focus your time on the top three dating apps.

Also, there is a visual walk through of each app in the video version below. If you have any questions or feel I missed anything let me know in the PWF forums

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