Beginners Guide to Getting Laid on Tinder in 2023

The topic I’m going to cover today could very well be titled as “Getting laid for dummies”. When there’s so much information out there about different suggestions on how to go about texting girls, you can end up with information fatigue. Then when it matters, you end up thinking of nothing (or nothing good) to respond to a girl in an interaction.

I would do the same when I started off but when I started to learn about all the different strategies for talking to girls on Tinder (cold reads, qualifying, sexualizing). At some point, I decided to I develop my own style of game, so I could drop all the routines – and make my text game congruent to me.

As we discuss a lot, there are many mistakes guys make when messaging girls on Tinder. Common examples include either making the conversation too boring, sending long winded texts, and probably worst of all, just never moving it forward. To have a good interaction with a girl on Tinder, you need to follow these 3 fundamental steps:

  1. Having a normal conversation: Keep in mind, you don’t want to get into the platonic zone – the conversation shouldn’t look like a logical information exchange. That’s going to bore the hell out of the girl and make her gag (not in a good way). Normal conversation is about just your day to day things/activities filled with some DHVs and showing that you have a cool lifestyle. While also being relatable.
  1. Teasing and flirting: Just having a normal conversation isn’t enough to set frames that you will meet up romantically/sexually. You still need to show your intent, the “we-frame” – and she needs to know what you want out of the date. You can do it explicitly and implicitly depending on the girl and what she’s looking for.
  1. Moving things forward: You want to move things forward, i.e., head towards the meetup direction. If you don’t do that, she will lose interest fast. As a man, it’s our job to lead and move things forward towards the meet. Making plans, handling logistics and making sure to follow up to get the date

All these 3 fundamentals I’m going to break down a recent Tinder lay report I had. You can see these in action and get a good grasp of how we see text game.

Key takeaways:

  1. I had to be a bit persistent over Tinder. Simply because most girls are just overwhelmed on Tinder with options. And the match can go down lower in the queue in literally less than a day. They are being bombarded with messages from guys. And the only way to compete with them is not do the same.
  2. I get her number so the match doesn’t go stale. And over text you can see I just talk about her day. She had a situation with her purse and lost her christmas money so I had to be empathetic there and take her side in all this.
  3. It would have been uncalibrated if I didn’t acknowledge that and went sexual or flirty. After a bit of banter, she sends me the pic of her with the cat. I see lips in the pic. I use this opportunity to get a bit sexual and flirt with her. She responds well to it.
  4. I suggest to give her a booty massage and I understand that she’s being very receptive to that and I instantly move it towards the meet.
  5. Fortunately she was free that night and literally was coming next door to my building for her cousin’s appearance on F&F.
  6. In person, it was super easy to close her. We chatted on the balcony a bit and I gave her the henny she wanted. I sipped on wine. 10 minutes in, I could tell she was feeling shy and nervous. I use this opportunity to sexualize and say “I will teach you everything about sex and I’ll actually start you with a massage so you feel more relaxed”
  7. She complies, we get fully naked in the bedroom. After the massage, I eat her out and the rest is history. She was a tight, petite 18 year old so it was indeed a lotta fun


It’s important to not complicate interactions. The more complexity you add to your interactions, the tougher it is to get back to fundamentals because you end up pigeonholing yourself from lack of good understanding of textgame

Hope that helps,

Indian “Keep it simple” PE.