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Yelling out to a girl from across the street “COME HERE NOW” — and she comes to you

Seeing a hot girl on the phone and saying “tell him you gotta go so you can meet me” — she laughs and hangs up

A girl says “I gotta go” and walks over to a taxi. You get in the taxi with her and convince her in 30 seconds to come home with you

Opening a huge group of girls, bantering, passing shit tests, and then grabbing the hottest girl of the group and making her yours

Walking up to a girl who is already with a guy, using a fake familiarity opener, lifting her up and carrying her away, blocking the guy out, and pulling the girl

Opening a girl with “hey wanna come home with me?” Passing her shit tests, dealing with her objections, and pulling a few minutes later

Opening a 7 brunette, she becomes hooked, bringing her to a table full of guys and girls, introducing the guys to the 7 brunette, and then pulling away a 9 blonde from their table

These are all real life stories from my years in game. Every single one of them actually happened. There were plenty of crazy stunts I’ve tried that haven’t actually succeeded with, like driving around in my wingman’s car and yelling “UBER” out the window at girls in front of clubs at 4am.

These aggressive tactics are fun because they bring you outside of your comfort zone and give you an adrenaline rush. But they’re also EFFECTIVE, especially in high risk situations where you are about to lose the girl anyway.

If she is leaving the club and getting into the taxi, you might as well run outside and jump in with her. Your mentality should be “Ffuck it, if she leaves, I’ll never see her again anyway. Let’s see if I can make this work…”

By taking risks in near-impossible situations and using aggressive tactics, you will
1) succeed sometimes- once in a while these aggressive tactics will work and you will succeed with a girl who you otherwise would never have had a chance to pull;
2) you will learn from your failures and revise your strategies- for example, with the “group opener transition to hottie approach” I learned through experiences that you will have a higher rate of success if you:
a) make physical contact with 2 of the girls simultaneously when you open,
b) raise your voice loud enough so the entire group can hear you, c) try to make the girls throw shit tests at you so that you can pass, and d) boldly and confidently switch to the hottest girl with no hesitation.
I never would have learned these nuances of group opening if I didn’t boldly and aggressively open big groups of girls.

At first, telling a girl to “get off the phone and meet me now” will probably result in rejection. But over time, these aggressive and seemingly reckless tactics become more refined and more effective. You will learn how to make them work.

You may be scared at first to use aggressive game tactics. If walking up to a girl who is already with a guy and carrying her away seems scary to you, then you’re not alone. These types of tactics are way outside the zone of normal social behavior. But this is part of the reason why they work so well- nobody else has ever done this to her and it is an adventure for her. It’s so different from all the regular chodes coming up to her and saying “Hi,hi how are you doing?” The uniqueness and boldness of the approach makes you stand out from the crowd.

To overcome the initial fear, start small. Don’t try to jump right into making a girl get out of her taxi to come home with you instead. Slowly escalate your regular tactics and constantly push your comfort zone until you’re able to fearlessly execute.

While using these aggressive tactics, you should also be aware of what could potentially happen in the situation and how to handle problems. Generally being nice and apologizing to people can defuse tense situations. But you guys will be surprised how often women will just accept and embrace brash aggressive behavior from alpha males.

Get out there and be more aggressive!

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  1. Eyoel on February 9, 2019 at 3:34 PM

    First of thank you. 1)Can you explain how to open group of girls and a girl/girls that are with a guy
    2)what is the current way of Dhv because am still at college
    Thank you

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