7 Scientific Studies That Disprove The Redpill & Blackpill

7 Scientific Studies That Disprove The Redpill & Blackpill

In this guide, we’re going to be busting the most common Redpill and Blackpill talking points of success with dating. If you’ve not heard of redpill/black pill before, thank your lucky stars and if you’re kind of familiar with it and are curious about the PWF way of looking at the pills, click here. A bit of a prelude for these pills is as below

Before I go into busting these myths based on almost 0 real science, we absolutely believe looks matter. But looks alone are NEVER enough. Most women need to be mentally stimulated as well before they decide to sleep with you. So, if you have the best looks and the most retarted social intuition, they will be turned off by you as much as they would be by an ugly short guy.

Now, let’s go through the 7 studies that absolutely demolish the 6 postulates of these two toxic pills.

  1. If you’re short/fat, it’s over for you: There’s an idea in the black pill that women only go for chad (model looking dudes) and if that they “settle” with average dudes because they couldn’t find one for themselves.

This study was conducted in 2015 about the correlation of height and the number of sexual partners the male has been with. As you see, there’s not a big difference between the two. So, being super tall doesn’t actually give you the advantage with women in comparison to short guys as you’ve been lead to believe. Now let’s go to fitness/body type. As you see in the chart below, the guy who does the worst is the underweight guy. If you actually speak to a lotta girls and casually ask them what their least preferred body type is, they will always say it’s the skinny dudes. Which makes sense because skinny/underweight dudes actually have a bit of a weak presence and we all know women like a man with a strong/dominant presence. This contradicts directly to women not liking fat guys. Obviously don’t just let yourself go and lead a poor lifestyle of health but you get the point. Give yourself permission to go talk to women and also work on your health

  1. 10% men are having sex with 90% of the girls: This is gospel in the red pill that women will always constantly want to upgrade no matter what you do. And that it’s in their nature to look for the best possible genes to reproduce. Which means only 10% of the top guys will be getting laid. LOL.

This study clearly states the above. It’s actually the top 20% that have been having a lot of sex. And it isn’t with 90% of the women. It’s about 50-60%. What does this mean? It suggests that the top men are having just an above average amount of sexual partners, which means the remaining 40% are up for grabs as long as you’re not a sexually conservative male and can seek out after women you find attractive. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Virginity is on the rise: Everyone has seen this scary looking chart and had their jaws on the floor from seeing it. The “logic” behind it is – because the top 10% men are getting 90% of the pussy, the remaining 90% are fighting over the scraps of 10% women which leads to more and more incels/virgins every year. This is so misleading it reminds me of a magic trick show, which this isn’t really that far from. Look at the chart below.

This indeed is a scary looking chart and almost makes you think that every year it will continue rising to a point that it becomes 90% of incels/virgins. When you check out this study, you’ll notice that the above chart doesn’t account for age.

You’ll notice here that the majority of the male percentage who are virgins are in the age range of 18-20. This means that men are just losing their virginity at a later age than usual. That doesn’t mean there’s a rise in inceldom. There’s just a slight rise in the age of popping your cherry. So no worries guys!

  1. Women have more sex with less men:

This is the other side of the coin to point #2. Red pill says that most women have a lot of sex and most women only have sex with a small percentage of men. I.e. These small percentages of men have the most sexual partners than the remainder of male population. Oh boy, here we go again…

This study clearly states that women in general are having lesser and lesser sex in as compared to 20 years ago That means the women in 2020+ are having much lesser sex than their predecessors.

This chart shows that the most it has gone up to is only 7 percentile of women being the most promiscuous (with 16+ sexual partners). These girls are clearly more sexually promiscuous than the hoes of 1990. But when you look at the chart below

The promiscuity of % of men stayed stable for quite sometime and has dropped a bit in recent times. This suggests that men are sort of being as promiscuous as the women. This completely blows out the point that “Most women are having sex with a small percentage of men”.

  1. Being attractive is enough for any type of dating success:

A common black pill talking point is that if you are attractive to the female gaze, you are set for life and have an influx of pussy you get to choose from if you wanna date someone long term. There’s a half truth to this one. Yes. For short term dating, the superficial qualities like looks will be enough for the woman to sleep with you (just like it is with guys mind you), but for consistently seeing a man, the woman needs to be attracted to the more deeper quality traits in the guy.

This study indicates exactly what we suggested and recommend. It’s true that if you want a fulfilling dating life, it’s going to be much more efficient for you to work on your charisma, boundaries and social intuition than just the superficial looks.

It was also found that there’s no correlation between the real attractiveness level of the guy to his dating success. But there was a massive correlation between the self perception of his attractiveness level to the dating success he had… which again directly points to learning game, developing confidence and just going for what you want and not giving a fuck about how you look.

  1. Biological determinism: The myth goes that if you were not born with the genes that will be good with women, you can basically f yourself. The myth also says that the women who like bad boys are the boys that were born with the “bad boy” gene. I.e., they never had to develop these attractive characteristics but they were inherently born in it. This is so wrong that even David Buss himself had to intervene to stop this from spreading.

This study again directly indicates that evolutionary psychology goes completely against the nonsense predisposition towards being born with the necessary attractive qualities. Your environment matters! End of story. That’s the real blackpill you have to swallow.


As you can see, rarely any of the talking points of Red pill and black pill ideology hold true and most of them can be busted through studies. Now what does this mean to you? This guide should act as the myth buster tool for you and you need to give yourself permission to take action. The best course of action for you to do is have the mindset of “Oh okay. I see a lot of guys talking about dating. Why don’t I find out on my own?”. You would need to take this seriously and go out there to create your own reality and not listen to scummy thought leaders who don’t base anything on real science. I would go a step further. Just observe the most attractive looking guys at a nightclub scene. Notice if that guy even talks to a girl, let alone takes a girl home. Most of the time, these “chads” go home empty handed to their vaseline lotion, sock, and a box of tissues.

Have a realistic expectation going into this but ONLY aim higher. Take risks, enjoy the process and fuck as many girls you were destined to.

Hope that helps,

Indian “myth buster” PE.