7 ESSENTIAL Rules For Success in Game, Dating, and Life (from Andrew Tate)

If you’ve been on the internet for less than a year, and have also been seduced by the manosphere, chances are you’ve heard about Andrew Tate and come across 100’s of his videos. Some motivational, some tacky, some straight up controversial. But overall, I think he sends a positive message to young men without a role model

Granted that he does go a bit overboard with his mindsets around women that they can’t drive or that he “owns” them but if you can discern which advice to take and which advice NOT to, you can really benefit from his mindset around success overall

In this guide, I’m going to break down his 7 rules that, if internalized, can really help with your success in life and dating.

Rule 1: Motivation is a feeling. You need Discipline

The most successful people in the world, may it be, the entertainment industry, fitness, millionaires, they did what was SUPPOSED to be done. They didn’t wait for the feeling of being motivated. Motivation is exactly that. A feeling. Like every feeling, it’s fleeting. You can’t feel motivated 100% of your day. It’s the discipline which leads you to success. You do what’s supposed to be done no matter how you feel about it in that moment of time

This is exactly how I saw my journey. When I was cold approaching countless hours every night, I didn’t wait for motivation. I just did it no matter how I felt. Even when I was quite downtrodden about my results, or sick, I went out and spoke to women ANYWAY. That’s how you can reach your long term goals

Rule 2: Feel the Urgency in life. It’s too short

We have the tendency of procrastinating things. When you watch a video on how to talk to women, you always think “Wow. This looks great. I want to implement this starting tomorrow”. Nope. The best moment to start something new is Now. You have to feel the urgency. You need to prioritize things to a point where it’s an immediate threat to your existence. If you don’t start working on your long term goal, right this second, you will continue procrastinating it.

You must feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want

Rule 3: Resilience is your Shield in life

It’s extremely important to not Avoid pain. Pain only helps you grow. Pain, in the moment hurts you but only prepares you for your next challenge. When you’ve been through a lot of lows in your life, you learn how to accept failure/rejection. You become a stronger person by bouncing back. DO NOT, for the life of you become a victim. By being resilient through pain, you’re only going to grow. There’s pain in growth, and there’s pain in avoiding growth. Why? Because if you stay in the same place in life, eventually you will regret the fact that you didn’t do enough to get out of the situation you were comfortable with

Rule 4: There is no Value without Challenges

I think this is one of the best lessons to learn from Tate. If everything was easy, everyone would have been successful. There’s a reason there’s less than 1% millionaires in the world. All of them have gone through challenges/shortcomings and worked hard to overcome them. These men didn’t complain when things got difficult. They just worked harder and more to overcome them.

If you love the fact, or hope to be the man one day, then you should equally, if not more, love the fact that it’s extremely difficult to become that man. Because, that means no one else can do it. The most easy things in life are what most common men want and don’t strive for more. Hence you see that success is a rare commodity and isn’t just given to anyone. Of course, there’s a matter of fortune but you can’t be waiting around for Lady luck to greet you

Rule 5: Do not neglect the journey toward the destination

Tate gives a great example of driving a fast car. You never feel the destination but you only feel the acceleration. And that’s when you feel the most thrill/resistance. That’s a great analogy of how you should view the journey. The journey is obviously the hardest part. By thoroughly trying to enjoy it, you are in turn motivating yourself to continue striving towards your destination. And when you reach the destination, you will feel content, at ease.

So, enjoy the journey. Stay on your path to your destination.

Rule 6: Being likable is a skill

This is very true. It’s quite difficult to master the skill of being liked. Being the one who’s most approachable in the group. Keep in mind, being likable is not the same as being a people pleaser. Being liked is more of a result of you being true to yourself. Most people pleasers stay under the radar and are the least liked ones. Because they come across very disingenuous and aren’t easily trusted.

The likable ones are always the ones who are honest and don’t give a fuck whether you like them or not. You can trust them with anything because they aren’t putting up a front with you

Rule 7: Have Courage in Life

This should be pretty obvious, and a given fact. You gotta have courage. You need to do things that scare you. You want to put yourself out there in uncomfortable situations which scare the crap out of you but you do it anyway. More often than not, what may seem scary isn’t as scary as your mind made it up to be

For example, opening a group set. You’re probably going to be scared about rejection/looking stupid if you spoke to a group of people. But when you actually do that, most times, they are very friendly and if they are not interested, they’ll at least respect the fact that you had the balls to talk to them.

The more you do such things against your fear, the more you give yourself positive reference experiences that you CAN act against your fear of doing something


There’s a reason Tate has made a massive presence on the internet. These aren’t common opinions/mindsets. They are true to him and have helped him become the successful person that he is. When you think about it, these kinds of people have been the most successful. People who think differently and view the world differently than a common perspective.

Thinking differently is the most common aspect of many pioneers. Hope this helps.


Indian “Keep at it” PE.