A lot of guys getting into the game are naive. Having not had a lot of experience with women, they think women are all sweet and nice. On the other hand, red pill and blackpill guys tend to take it too far. They assume all women are evil, which cements toxic beliefs.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Most women are not evil, but they can be a bit manipulative – and of course, some more than others. To maximize your success, it’s crucial to understand the ways they manipulate men, because it makes you more successful and strengthens your game. Plus, you don’t want to be a guy who ends up getting manipulated.

I’m taking a bit of a different approach in writing this guide. This is more of a proactive approach to realize if you’re being played by a woman or what signs you need to be watchful of. Reminder, you shouldn’t instantly jump to conclusions when you see such signs from a woman but rather do it only if you notice a consistent pattern of this. Especially, when you’ve seen the girl for quite sometime already.

We are actually going to break this down using a tiktok

When you watch the original video, it should definitely make you irk that some women like her deliberately have bad intentions to take advantage of a man if he doesn’t know what to look for

The tricks women use to manipulate men

1. Looking top notch in appearance

Women obviously want to look good just because it makes them feel good. Them doing this purposely to keep you engaged with their beauty is the first step for manipulation. If men could stop thinking with their dick, this is a tactic that can be easily spotted. When you think with your dick, you’ll almost not at all focus on what she’s saying and how she’s behaving. This keeps you more engaged because in your head, you put her on a pedestal. And by doing this, any action from her will make you rationalize and justify in your head. “She must have made a mistake. I don’t see anything wrong with that” *stares at her boobs the entire time*

2. Keeping dating life private

If she keeps her dating life private, then it’s only fair to keep her in the casual category. Because if she does indeed see you as the main interest, she doesn’t have a reason to explore options, nor does she have a reason to hide something. Transparency should be non-negotiable if you guys are dating with a purpose. Even if you keep things casual, if she’s hiding something, you should see it as a red flag. You don’t know if she’s hiding a crazy ex or a current obsessed lover who might stalk you

3. Always tells you she is busy

This lady clearly says that she lies to guys that she is busy, even though she isn’t doing anything. If a girl is constantly busy to do anything with you, she is either not interested or she is using this as a tactic to get you to chase or be needy with her. The more you get annoyed at the fact that she takes time to respond, the more you feel emotionally invested and you will chase. Some guys go to the extent of sending her random gifts just to “buy her time”

4. Keeping men on their toes

This is some next level manipulation. When a girl tries to manufacture her emotions to get you to be confused or riled up, then this is another red flag. She is trying to deliberately play with your feelings so you chase her validation or the good emotions. If women constantly want to make you chase them, that should be an automatic turn off. We want her interest level to match her actions and words. And there shouldn’t be a constant switch of her words and actions. Run away! If she does

5. Never giving attention

With the 4 other ways to keep in mind, those give you more context as to how NOT to give attention works. When humans are in an emotional turmoil, they will want the external attention of the person that’s creating the turmoil. So, by her drawing away all attention towards you, she is going to make you go crazy for the good emotions and might even make you want to do something really nice and expensive for her. Again, absolutely run away. Neither of you has to “EARN” the other one’s attention. That sounds more toxic and transactional than anything


Women’s manipulation typically presents itself this way. They get your emotions riled up to get you to chase and invest into them, both monetarily and emotionally. As the famous “Gambler’s fallacy”, the more you invest, the more returns you want for the investment you put in. So, if your investment towards the girl doesn’t match her investment towards you, you will invest more to try and get back everything. This is a vicious cycle and definitely not healthy for your mental state. So, when you see any of these red flags consistently presenting themselves from a woman you’re seeing, run away faster than ussain bolt.

Hope that helps

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