There are a lot of opinions on the best and the worst Tinder openers. The problem is, most of them are based on bullshit reasoning. Maybe a guy on Reddit used a Tinder pickup line that worked one time. Or a first message got a few responses for a guy, and so he considers it “good.”

At PWF, we like to keep it simple and short. We don’t want to invest too much time creating a unique opener. We don’t really believe in “pickup lines,” we’d rather have a straightforward opener that gets a reply.

With dating apps constantly evolving, we wanted to find the best opening messages for 2020. Our coaching team did a lot of brainstorming. We settled on 10 messages we thought were all potentially good for Tinder (and Bumble/Hinge/etc.). Then, we tested each of them on 15 girls, to see which got the most responses.

Read on to see which online dating opening lines are best in 2020!


What is a Tinder opener and the purpose of it?

Don’t fall under the impression that a magical pickup line is going to get you laid. It sure helps you set the right frames and can dictate the conversation but all that it does is it gets the girl’s attention. A hot girl will always have 100’s of matches to go through. And when she’s scrolling through tinder, she needs to notice you

Obviously, a decent profile helps. But, taking into account that you guys matched, we tried out a total of 15 different openers and sent them out to 15 different girls.

  1. “So, I guess we’re dating now?”

This is an obviously exaggerated opener and a girl with humor will chuckle and this can easily lead into a roleplay. Directions you can take it to are introducing each other to your families, cooking & cleaning. The possibilities are endless

Opener Reply Rate: 12/15 (80% of the girls replied to this opener) – PWF Approved

2a. “Can I be honest?”

Categorizing it into two parts since the opener in and of itself may not be useful for you guys since you don’t know where to take it. This is an obviously click-baity opener and if you don’t really have an idea where to take it, don’t use it. I’ve experimented with answering “You’d look great tied up to my bed” OR “You look like you’d have a great pussy to eat”. Tinder will think nothin’ of banning you if it’s too much for a girl and she reports you


Safe option as a reply:

2b: “You’re just my type”

This can again lead to many things since you can just describe some obvious attributes you can find in her pictures (For instance, style, hair, smile, etc)

Opener Reply Rate: 12/15 (80% of the girls replied to this opener) – PWF Approved

3) “Hey future lover”

Another over-exaggerated one which may be a lil corny but can lead to roleplays if the girl is into it

Opener Reply Rate: 7/15 (46% of the girls replied to this opener) – Not recommended

4) “Hey trouble”

Our trademark PWF opener. Definitely gets girls wondering why you view her as trouble. She will be curious and want to know the reason you termed her as trouble. But, it’s been around for a while. So, I think the girls are now immune to this

Opener Reply Rate: 4/15 (26% of the girls replied to this opener) – Shockingly not PWF recommended anymore

5) “Hey nerd”

A neg-ish opener but definitely very unique and much better than a “Hey!” or a “Hey. How r u?”. The girl is again going to be curious why you think so. You can always direct it to you being turned on my sexy nerds or just nerds in general since you are one. But, make sure you have a good profile to counteract the negative effects of admitting you’re a nerd

Opener Reply Rate: 10/15 (66% of the girls replied to this opener) – PWF recommended

6) “Hey <her name>, you know what’s interesting about your pictures?”

Another click-baity one. Make no mistake, you may expect a lot of replies to this. But, keep in mind you may be giving away too much validation if you go the path of giving too many compliments in the initial stages

Opener Reply Rate: 13/15 (86% of the girls replied to this opener) – PWF recommended, but use at your own risk

7)  “Hey, I’m the one! you can delete this app now ;)”

A bit corny again and some exaggerating. Cocky that she can delete the app and not talk to anyone else. Again, if the girl doesn’t get the humor behind this, kill her with “fire”

Opener Reply Rate: 10/15 (66% of the girls replied to this opener) – PWF recommended

8) “How does this work? are we married now?”

‘Noda exaggerated one which can easily lead to roleplay about honeymoons and destination weddings. May come across corny to some girls and even “Pick-up line”-y

Opener Reply Rate: 8/15 (53% of the girls replied to this opener) – Not really PWF recommended

9) “When life gives you <her name> make lemonade”

This opener honestly doesn’t make sense but it’s quite unique and will get the girl’s attention. As you see in the above screenshot, can again lead into roleplay about grabbing drinks with lemonades. But, most women might not bite into it

Opener Reply Rate: 6/15 (40% of the girls replied to this opener) – Not PWF recommended

10) “My 3rd grade’s crush was named Bren. I used to pull her hair and steal her crayons” 

A cute-sy dorky opener but a subtle mention of hair pulling. This is my personal favorite since it’s indirectly direct and can easily lead into bdsm kinks and what not

Opener Reply Rate: 9/15 (60% of the girls replied to this opener) – PWF recommended

Even though I have given a detailed analysis of the stats and the openers, always remember, sometimes the girl may just respond to the opener since that’s the opener which pushes her buttons.

So, The top 3 openers according to basic math are (according to ranking):

1) “Hey <her name>, you know what’s interesting about your pictures?” – 86% reply rate

2) “So, I guess we’re dating now?” – 80% reply rate

3) “Can I be honest? ; You’re just my type” – 80% reply rate

Try out some of these and report back on the forums 😉

Your future lover,

Indian PE.

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