LR – First Lay in Indonesia – Tiny Hijabi Girl – (By David)

LR by David S.

I’ve been in Indonesia for about a week now with my homie from Chen City. This country is 88% Muslim and lots of girls in hijabs so I wasn’t sure how I’d do in this more conservative religious society (even porn is banned) with my more direct, sexual approach to game but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ve had to change my approach a bit but it’s working out well.

I love this country and the people. Everyone is so friendly and happy. The atmosphere wherever we go is upbeat and people have a good time. This is a massive change from Hungary where everyone is fucking depressed as fuck and unfriendly. Nobody smiles. Women are unhappy and the most boring women I’ve ever encountered.

Girls here are more bubbly. So tiny. Fun. Feminine. They have personality and are simply adorable.

I’m at 3,000 matches (on a just today banned account) and will have more and better matches once I have a fresh account (I am limited to the photos I can use because they are flagged and I will be banned). A lot of girls will open me. And one of the first things they say is asking where I live. Followed by “wanna meet?”. So as a young white male with blue eyes and a beard, it is ridiculously easy to get meets. I could have 2-3 new ones per day.

And it becomes evident when I am walking down the street or at the mall. Everyone looks. Girls give IOI’s. It’s an odd, but interesting experience.

However there are some challenges when it comes to Tinder here. Girls here are more conservative and shy. Very religious. I have matched with a ton of virgins.
So getting what I usually want (straight to fucking & NSA) does require some work and screening. I have not once experienced gold diggers and nobody has given me that impression so far (I do live in a higher scale area) but girls do aim for a more serious relationship. They love white men and they are rather rare around here.

So it’s been important to really set the frame and anticipate all objections from the start. It’s even more important to be totally nonjudgmental and to open them up. Being a foreigner and a non Muslim/religious man helps. A lot of these girls (especially the one in this LR) will only open up like this to people outside of their culture and society as they feel more comfortable behaving in a way that is more natural and acceptable in western society.
It seems to really bring them excitement outside of their more closed off, strict norms.

With all the options I had, I went with this 25 year old girl for a few reasons. She wears a hijab and there’s just something naughty about that. She’s tiny (barely 5 feet and 100 lbs) with big tits and big eyes that make her look like a cute puppy.

The other 2 options for the night were also hijabi. One was a super innocent virgin. Very curious to give her first blowjob and the other was a surprise hottie and slut that sent me some provocative snaps that I wasn’t expecting. The girl in the LR was in the middle and perfect. And pretty entertaining and funny as you may see in some of the audio that I may post later.

So I get her over. She has to go through security and wait for me in the lobby. I greet her and realized she is tinier than I had expected. She smiles and seems a bit nervous at first. I go in for the hug (and because she is so tiny, I want to bear hug her) but pushes back a bit and whispers don’t. She told me later that they cannot show such affection in public (and especially with a white non-Muslim guy).

We get to my room and she’s a lot more outgoing and talkative. She gets on my bed immediately. Already eager. In her adorable broken English she asks me to finger her.
I rip her clothes off (she was wearing very modest and unsexy clothes of course) and I was very happy to see she had a perfect little body. I’m rock hard already. She demands that I eat her out for an hour before I fuck her.

I make her orgasm around 20 times. She’s dead. She manages the strength to get fucked hard but she is so tight that I am just destroying her. I fuck her a few more times after her prayers. She put on new clothes and washed herself to pray before bed. A new experience that I didn’t know how to react to.

I met up with her a couple days later. She’s gotten a bit attached. Clingy. Demands that I am not permitted to eat out other Indonesian girls. They can only suck my dick.

I opened her a month before I even knew I was going to Indonesia. I was testing out Tinder there.

Update: I’ve seen her 5 more times since. She’s hilarious and fun to be around. But I somehow managed to get into an open relationship with her. She totally forced her way into it somehow. She’s a demanding, possessive, feisty girl. While she slept over, my friend had a Tinder date over as well. I ran into her in the kitchen while everyone was asleep. I fucked her on the balcony. My girl heard us and was super feisty in the morning. I’ll add interesting / funny screenshots at the end of the LR. My new goal: Hijabi Orgy.

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  1. Anonymous on April 6, 2019 at 4:33 PM

    Lol i wanna feel what love is 😭😂😭😂

  2. Ameya on February 26, 2019 at 5:42 AM

    Seems like a low self esteem bitch

  3. WILL on November 28, 2018 at 7:30 PM

    the messages were hilarious man, thanks for the humor 😂

  4. harsh on October 30, 2018 at 8:05 AM

    she is crazy… easy fuck

  5. Kyle on October 29, 2018 at 3:12 AM

    Wtf have you gotten yourself into man, this girls fucking crazy.

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