Getting Laid In Brazil Part 2: Perfect Ass Stunner – Tinder LR (By BritSlayer)

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To be honest I never thought I was going to meet this girl let alone bang her

From the start I had the feeling that she just wanted to fuck around and get validation. Fortunately, I was completely wrong. Moved onto Whatsapp very fast, she was already suggesting us to meet up so I pushed things forward. To begin with we couldn’t meet up, when she was out I was resting in bed after partying and fucking all day long. However when I pushed things forward again she started to be more responsive and we agreed to meet up.

The feeling I has was that she wanted to meet in public first. We meet at the metro station, she was in her Carnaval costume, so fucking hot and sexy with golden glitter everywhere, she was going to meet her friends after to party. As soon as we meet she asked where my flat was, that was a very good sign, I didn’t want to push too hard to say let’s go straight to my place, so we go to bar right next to my place. We order some beer and start to chat. She was very agitated. I called her out asking if she was shy or nervous, and said it’s okay I’m a chilled guy. I take her hands and start to stroke her arms this really turned her on.

No need to wait any longer. I ask for the bill then walk to her to my place.

It was perfectly synchronized with my friend as he walked towards us in the street he passed me the key in my hand that she didn’t even notice! Smooth as fuck! I was holding her hand all the way until we got to my flat. By this stage my security doorman gave me a weird smile with a smirk, as if I know what you’re up to. I think this was the 5th girl I had taken home in the first 4 days…

I put some music on then everything happens in a very natural and sexy way. She liked it really rough and sensual. Also I was the first person to fuck her in the air, so you can imagine how much she loved it. We shower off together then she gets changed again and goes and joins get friends at the Carnaval. I saw her one more time again before she left, this time she was even more wild, had anal sex and came in her mouth.

Again she was a really sweet and cute girl I’d definitely like to see again if the opportunity arises. She was is Rio for about 10 days with her friends and I was the only guy she had fucked here, I find that hard to believe considering how hot she was. But it might well be true considering how horny she was! Thank you Brazil

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