Getting Laid in Brazil Part 4: Crazy Night Game Pull and Bang (by BritSlayer)

Big Booty Brazilian Bar Fuck

This was probably the best pull of my time here

So my friend had been chatting with this hot girl on tinder for a while, they eventually met during the day at a Carnaval bloco she was with half a dozen girls and 2 guys. I was with my girl at the time, as well as all her friends, and a Brazilian guy who randomly hit me up on facebook to hang out. We were a group of about 15 people more or less. Anyway the party gets going, my friend makes out with her and we are all having a good time.

Note: my friends girl had seen me making out with my girl and flirting with other girls, it will become relevant later.

Unfortunately despite all my effort my friend can’t pull her so they agree to meet up for a day two.

Two days later they arrange to meet up again

She said she was coming with a friend of hers. (Several times tinder dates have asked if they can come with a friend, due to security issues, when they do I push for the foursome with my friend) My whole intention was just to help my friend get laid, as it was his turn and I had already kicked him out the flat over half a dozen times so it was okay back time.

We meet up around 10,30pm in Lapa where all the night life goes on. We were a bit late this time ahah.

So we arrive and there are the 2 girls, her friend was a fucking stunner (tanned skin, amazing body, great Booty: I could tell that she works out) and a small black dude with them. Remember my intention was just to help get my friend laid. So I start to befriend the guy have a laugh and just talk about funny stuff (all in Portuguese)

It was raining a bit so the girls wanted to go inside to a club. We all walk up to the entrance and one girl had a huge caipirinha in her hand so we had to finish the drink before going inside. I start vibing and talking with the second girl. I had gotten laid just a few hours ago so I was do outcome of freedom and had another girl waiting for me at her hotel at 1am.

I start dancing and saying random shit.

The girls find it hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. My friend is making out with his girl so I just continue dancing. Eventually the black dude decides to leave to go somewhere else. I try to convince him to stay saying it’s a shame. But he pretty well knew what was going to happen.

So we enter the club, we had free entrance due to some guy giving us tickets in the street.
Now we didn’t plan on going to any club so we had no ID with us, so we just write out name down on a piece of paper, they took a photo with their webcam and we were good to go.
The club was half full so we arrived at a good time, the music was good too. (Note: I was in flip flops. Shirts and sleeveless T-shirt)

My friend and I start dancing the European way to the music, the find it hilarious so we rub it in even more. Second girl was already giving me the Bambi eyes. My friend goes to his girl as they start making out again. I always hate these awkward moments when you are just there with another girl helping your friends out. But luckily she was very hot and I could tell she was interested.

I go close to her and start talking with my broken Portuguese/spanish into her ear. I can’t remember what the conversation was about. We are talking and dancing to to the beat of the music at the same time, as I’m talking she moves her lips just in front of mine and boom make out. She kissed in a very rough and passionate way just how I like it.

We get physical very fast, while dancing she starts to rub her ass against me.

Just so you know night game is definitely my weak point in game. So it was quite overwhelming to be making out with the second hottest girl in the club. There was a 10 with a male model not far away.

We go and order some drinks, we order some jaeggar bombs. The girls didn’t know what they were so when they saw us knocking a small glass into a big glass like in dominos they were impressed. The barman wasn’t very happy but who cares, tonight I wasn’t going to let anybodies behavior change my state. We go back to the dance floor, I start to escalate more, this time my hands all over her ass and her inner thighs. She would go crazy when I’d bite her neck and kiss her behind the ear.

She asked me to take her hand bag for her, which was a good thing as I was fully hard on. So when I wasn’t rubbing my dick against her I could hide it under the bag. I isolate her away from the main dance floor to a wall next to the stairs.

I start to touch her in between her legs over her mini jean shorts.

She moans and breathes heavily, but pulls my hand away shortly after thinking other people can see. But I show her the handbag and this it is covering everything I am doing. She grins at me then starts to rub my pants while looking at me dead in the eye.

My friend and I decide to go to smoke, they come with us: he tells me that his girl keeps giving him resistance. I tell him to come to the same place where I was and turn her back to everyone so no one can see.

We enter the smoking room, there was a transparent glass roof and it was bucketing down with rain outside, lightening and thunder too. My girl comes and sits in my knees then shorty goes and sits outside of the smoking area waiting for me

I go and join her and she signals me to look at the bouncer who is at entrance of toilet. At first I didn’t think she was serious. So I whisper into her ear with my mixed Latino language “you’re waiting for the man to leave?” She nods and strokes my inner thigh.

Damn! She wanted me to bang her in the men’s bathroom

I get hard again and stay chilled. We continue to dance upstairs but the bouncer won’t move… I go checkout the bathroom anyway. Just a one single closed bathroom, this huge jacked Brazilian bouncer looks at me as I exit, I act innocent then make us all go down stairs again.

I tell my friend to escalate more on his girl so they are both ready to leave.I take my girl back to the same place and continue to escalate even more.

As I was rubbing my hands on her mini jean shorts I felt a small hole right at the perfect spot. I managed to make it a bit bigger and get my index finger inside, from there I slowly advanced my finger towards her panties, before I could even touch them I could feel a warm dampness around my finger, just as I expected her panties were drenched wet. I started to rub her clit but was not easy to reach with the angle while not trying to be too obvious. Just enough to get horny enough for her to tell me that she is hungry and wants to go and get food. She was doing everything for me.

Her friend is hungry too, so we all leave at around 2am to go get food. Now this is where things start to get a bit out of hand. First we exit the club and it is pouring down with rain… literally the roads are flooded (the next day another girl I was talking to on tinder sent me a photo of her car which was half sunk in the flood)

As we walk a few meters from the club we hear the sound of people being beaten…

There was an entire army of police having a fight with gangsters from the favelas… they were running after the gangstas each hitting each other with what ever there was. Before we could even come to terms with what was going on a huge load of pepper spray was coming our way. All 3 of them got it straight in the face. Somehow I hardly received any. I managed to guide them out of the way. By now I was nervous myself… we all run together towards the main road where cars could actually pick us up where it wasn’t completely flooded as we escape the girls start laughing as if it’s normal lol.

Anyways now we are further away from the crazy scenes, we can still see and hear the fighting going on from a distance. Time to get a uber fast. I take out my phone to order a uber and both girls tell me not here it’s too dangerous… we walk a few meters to some kind of outdoor hotdog bar area where there is light and people around.

I quickly turn in my roaming and load uber,was taking time to find signal. Then eventually I managed to load uber…I had to cover my phone and put it away several times as there were shady people lurking around behind us.. the girls kept telling me,

“be careful one of them is going to grab it and run…”

We waited a few more minutes for it to calm down then I tried again…. it was so wet that the touch screen was hardly working. I manage to enter destination but was taking forever to find a driver. I tell my friend to do the same but he’s is not any faster. Eventually I get a uber driver on his way. 4 minutes to wait… I left my phone in pocket until I felt it vibrate to tell me driver was approaching. We run across the street and jump inside…

The driver just starts saying that the area I want to go to is closed due to another bloco part that had been there earlier. However, I knew it had finished by now because when we left to go there it was closing. I just tell him to drive and get as close as possible.

5 Minutes later we are there… we go to the nearest pizza place which was just closing and too late to enter. So I now say to them let’s go to our flat and order something online. Again I tell my friend to keep the sexual tension high, don’t let her die down and keep a funny vibe. I can see a big smile on my girls face as we get closer to the flat.

Finally we arrive safe and sound! Now I hadn’t yet mentioned to the girls that we were sharing a one room studio with one single bed and a mattress on the floor… as soon as we get in I put the single mattress on the floor out some music in and get my friend to order food.

To keep my girl happy and horny I kept whispering into her ear in Portuguese “I want you sexy” my girl asks me for some underwear pants and a t shirt to get changed. This was a very good sign that she was intending to sleep here. After she gets changed, my friends girl had a shower after me. Eventually we manage to order some pizza at 3 am in the morning but they take 1h15 to get here!!!!so I’m the mean time I show them my cooking travelling videos as usual.

Now their logical side starts to kick in…

The other girl starts to bring up the subject about the other girl I was with before at the Carnaval.. I’m like it’s just a girl from the Carnaval, what happens at Carnaval stays at Carnaval… then my one starts to ask if I have kissed or slept with other girls in Rio. This goes on for a good 10 Minutes. I’m either completely nonreactive or just exaggerate dramatically.

Then one girl sees a box of condoms open in the room and can see that there are ones missing. We tell them we had condoms in our pockets to make up for the missing ones. Then suddenly I start to freak out. The girl I had banged that afternoon I had still left the condoms in the bathroom in the bin and was obviously visible… I go to bathroom and close the bin bag with a triple knot.

I isolate my girl onto the mattress in the floor and continue making out, from what I understood in Portuguese she said we just want to eat then I sleep with you here and the 2 there! I was like yeah good.

Eventually the pizzas arrives. Was the worst pizza I had eaten in a very long time. We don’t even eat half. I put some more sexy music on, turned the lights out and off we go. .

As you can imagine the sex was pretty awkward

Hearing everything your friend is doing right next to you. We have already banged girls in the same room and car before but the feeling never goes away. I slept so bad that night and for only one hour.the girls leave around 7 am.

We all make plans to see each other another time separately where we can have a lot more fun. Then come to our new flat 2 days later I think where we have 2 rooms and a jacuzzi. That is what you can call good sex! I am still thinking if I have ever banged a girl with a better ass than her, but find it hard to think of anyone so I guess not!

They both wound up getting really emotional and attached. On my last day I was really sick, she came over just to take care of me and wanted to spend time with me before I left. Then when it was ultimately time to separate they both had tears in their eyes

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