Getting Laid in Brazil Part 3: My Brazilian girlfriend – Tinder LR (By BritSlayer)

I was hesitating in sharing this one because we had such a good connection and it was quite emotional but I think it was one of the best of them all with the most value to share due to everything I had to deal with. So after toning down from my original direct tinder messages, I built some more comfort on WhatsApp which lead to her investing more and pushing for the meet up, that day I had just been flaked on so I pushed the meet up sooner that day rather than the next day.

After agreeing to meet in public, I set off to meet her, I was waiting for her at the metro station, then I saw this amazing beautiful girl walk towards me, at first I didn’t think it was possible that it was her, but she smiles as she walks closer, I was nicely surprised to find out it was her! We hug each other and kiss in the cheek, then I lead her to a bar not knowing where I was going as I had only arrived here the night before and hadn’t yet explored the area!

I find a bar across the street a few minutes later. We sit opposite each other out side on the terrace and she orders some beer for the two of us. I had planned for this to be a quick drink date then off we bounce to my place but it didn’t quite work out like that. We starts telling me how she quit her job, we both work in the hospitality department together so that was a good bonding point, we would share different experiences. I complimented her for how good her English was, she blushed and said that is was bad and asked me to correct her when she made a mistake.

First round of beer is over so she orders another one for us, just so you know I’m not a big drinker, during holidays and Carnaval I drink a bit but still not a lot. She then asks me how do I find her in real life, I was totally honest and upfront I said something along the line of

“you’re even better so beautiful and sexy”

she was very reactive and was like

“oooh you’re so cute”

I ask the same about how she found me in real life, she was like the same just not with the cat in your photo. I take it as a good sign that I am congruent in my photos. We start to hold hands and I start stroking her arms looking straight into her eyes, the sexual tension was building more and more, I start to seed the pull telling her about my cooking videos that I will show her after on my computer, she agrees then tells me she is hungry so we order some food and some more beer.

By now I am looking at her beautiful juicy lips and can see her perfect teeth every time she smiles. She asks me how I am finding Brazil so far, my answer “so far it’s amazing, we can see the beautiful sunset, I am having drinks with a beautiful Brazilian woman what more could I ask for” she literally melts. We lean across the table simultaneously, I put my hands on her cheeks as we make out, I could already tell that there was something strong going on here, wasn’t just like any random make out. I get a boner just from the make out, I also needed to go to the toilet with all the beer I had drunken so I walk through the bar restaurant in sport shorts fully hard on.

I sit next to her when I return, we eat, drink and kiss. I message my friend to tell him I would be at the flat in 5 minutes so he could leave and give me the key as we only had one key, then eventually I pay, take her by the hand and start walking to my place. Until this point she had showed no sign of resistance what so ever. As we get into my street I start to explain to her that I’m sharing a room with my best friend but he is not at the house and will give me the key when I arrive.

Suddenly she stops walking and says something like “I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with this, for me the first date is just to get to know I don’t have sex on the first date” I hold her by the hands look straight into her ears and say “babe, I have no expectations okay, we won’t do anything you are not comfortable with, at any point you can leave, just tell me and I’ll order you a uber Home” then kiss her passionately. This is exactly what she wanted to hear so we continue to walk down to my place.

My friend passes me the key outside then upstairs we go. I show her around, then we drink some beer before I grab my computer and show her my latest video and Brazil. She really likes, we make out more and more. I start to kiss her neck and touch her tits but she wouldn’t let me get in between her legs, then I decided to try something new, i pin her to the bed as I look deep into her eyes and say In a low deep voice

“I’m already having a great time, i don’t care if we don’t have sex I just want to eat your pussy and make you feel special”

clearly nobody had ever said something like that to her before. 30 seconds later her panties are off and I have my head between her legs. I make her come twice before I tell her to sit on my face. I’m eating her out as she is sitting in my face, then she starts to touch my cock trough my pants then eventually tells me to take them off before my makes my whole cock disappear in my mouth. 5 Minutes later we are banging, we had great sex and a really good connection, some great chemistry!

We both agree to meet up again, I then order her a uber home like a British gentleman. We ended up seeing each other about 6/7 times during my stay here, going to parties together, romantic walks on the beach, and of course great sex.

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