Getting Laid In Brazil Guide (by BritSlayer)

Getting Laid in Brazil Guide

BritSlayer’s Guide to Traveling and Getting Laid In Brazil

I spent 13 day days in Rio De Jainero, Brazil for Carnival exploring, partying, and picking up girls. In this post, I will give you a full overview on traveling to and getting laid in Brazil, as well as all the things I wish I knew before heading there.

Before I go into detail, let me just throw out some numbers out there for you:

13 days, 400+ tinder matches, 100 whatsapp numbers, 12 lays.


We have all heard that Brazilian women are the hottest and sexiest in the world! Known for their big booties, tanned skin and being passionate in bed! I know that lots of people dream about going there but are hesitant due to the high crime rate, the transsexual culture and all the bad stories the media brain washes us with. From my experience there I can tell you that it is totally worth visiting, you should not allow these rumors to stop you from visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world with some of the hottest women you will ever see.

During my time here, never at any point did I really feel in danger. But I would not be comfortable walking around the streets at night by myself. Lots of the locals here are very nice people, when I was asking for directions with my phone they would always tell me to put my phone in my pocket especially at night. For me it’s like any where in the world, you just have to be careful and aware of the environment you are in. Use common sense. Don’t go walking around a Favela, iPhone in hand and you’ll probably be ok


Latina women have always been my favorite type so I was in paradise, Brazil has a very conservative culture (high slut shaming rate and very judge mental) so you have to be aware of this. With lots of the Brazilian girls I met and had sex with they told me that a vast majority of Brazilian men are very macho (very aggressive verbally and physically, selfish and love to have power and control over women) Don’t get me wrong, I met some Brazilian men who are some of the most generous and welcoming people I have met.

So when the Brazilian women meet a charming British gentleman they would literally melt!

Gringo power: being a western foreigner in Brazil your SMV would increase dramatically. Most people think it’s because they think you are rich and want to use you to get a green visa to escape to your country, this is partly true but no where near as much as most people think. It’s mainly because you are different

Now that you have a better idea about Brazil’s culture and life style. let’s talk about tinder:

If you have a half decent profile, as long as it’s not shit, you will get lots of matches. However if you want the 9’s you have to stand out. (If you’re interested in drastically improving your success on tinder get the Online Dating Blueprint where you will learn how to create your best tinder profile and learn everything else including text game, dates, pulling, etc) During the 13 days I was there I think I used about 3 boost in the first week then I was completely booked already and continued getting matches hourly.

Boosts: this is something I have wanted to talk about for a while as I see lots of guys talking about it and not using them. First you have to have a decent profile or it’s going to be a waste of money but even with an average profile you will see a difference.

I hear a lot of people saying it’s expensive or not worth it but hear me out. So you can buy 5 boosts for about 15$ (3$ a boost) Even if you’re in a shitty place you will still get matches (in Europe I would get minimum 20/30 matches a boost, in Brazil it was 50/80) So let’s average that to 40 potential lays for 3$

When you go out 15$ will hardly buy you 2 drinks, let alone an entrance to a night club. And you are guaranteed a lot less, especially if you don’t even approach!. If you’re good at night game you would get a few numbers, several make outs and a lay if you’re lucky, but you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you were getting these results. So end of the day, work hard to get a decent profile then invest a bit of money to increase your chances.

Language barrier:

I can already hear you shouting « I don’t speak Portuguese » neither do I! Compared to San Paulo, People in Rio speak a lot better English. But I still banged 3 or 4 who didn’t speak English. Setting the date up thanks to google translate and then making it happen with my gringo Spanish/Portuguese! My Spanish has always been good enough to get by, however before coming here I only spoke a few words in Portuguese. But now I can pretty much get myself understood most of the time and can understand the basics too. It’s like anything you just practice and surround yourself in the environment and you learn fast and trust me I am not talented in languages. At the end of the day it all comes down to how bad you want it and what you are prepared to do.


You will get opened a lot of the time, this is a very good sign. I was being opened about 40% of the time. Mainly commenting my photo with a little cat or about me being a chef. By the way being a gringo and a chef = jackpot. Most of the time here you can’t be very direct or sexual, most girls will freak out and won’t admit that you want to have sex due to the judge mental mentality here.

You can compliment them in their looks and style quite a lot, more than in Europe and it won’t come off as needy but of course there are limits like everything. Hold back the escalation until you meet, you will be able to physically escalate a lot faster than verbally, trust me! However you can still push it hard just have to calibrate well.

The great thing about Rio is that you hardly need any game, as long as you are not a complete creep or chode you will be good to go. Your main focus should be about building comfort and rapport. Don’t be surprised if girls ask you if you are single or married on tinder, it happened to me dozen of times.

Note: with all my lay reports you will notice that my text game is not even that good. Partly because I was mass texting so much I was loosing track on which girl it was, and was hard to respond to all of them at the same time. Also I was often rescheduling the time and dates to fit the hottest girls into my schedule.


Again due to the dangerous city most girls won’t come directly to your place, most will want to meet in public first. I still got 4 to come straight to my place and I went straight to 2 girls places. So 6 out of 12 (50%). What worked the most for me was inviting them for cocktails and watching the sunsets (I never made one single cocktail and didn’t have a good view of the sunset at the first flat I was staying at)

But I did have a bar 1 minute walk from my flat which worked wonders! So we would have a drink together, i would build some comfort then I would take them to my place « to show them my cooking videos about Brazil » then close. Only 1 girl gave me LMR


Like anywhere, you guys know by now, logistics are the biggest key to success on this stage. I had a nice studio situated in Flamengo, for the first 10 days we shared a 1 room studio as we booked our flat late, prices were going up and not much available. So me and my buddy would take it in turns when it came time to pull. But he was very cool and left every time I had a girl coming. We also managed to pull a foursome here too. (Lay report will be listed below)

Best places to stay : Flamengo, lapa, botafogo, copacabana, leblon. Ipanema.


We all know that getting flaked on sucks, if you are a insecure chode that cries when you get flaked on then don’t come to Brazil ahah because you are going to get flaked on several times.
I managed to reduce my flake rate, by being a bit less direct and sexual, Brazilian women are also trained to not say no to a man, so they will say yes just to not say no but won’t turn up. A good way of reducing flake rate is to get them to invest a chase you a bit first, also vocal messages or phone calls help a lot to build comfort and rapport.

Another good trick is to double or triple book dates at same time so you can flake on them after.
I did this a few times even though I always feel bad doing this.

Timing: Brazilian people are born late, Out of all the girls I meet, I think only 1 was on time and not late. And when I say late it’s not just 5 minutes normally between 30 minutes to 1 hour.


So during my time here, it was also the biggest Carnival in the world! I’m going to share my opinion on the good things about Carnival and also how it also damages your chances of getting laid. So let’s start with the good stuff! Carnival is amazing, non stop partying, girls everywhere, love in the air. Girls from other cities and countries too. I am not much of a big party person but every now and again a good outdoor party is fun.

Like every good thing comes with a bad thing, drunk people everywhere, fights, hot and sweaty, crazy traffic, pick pocketing, you name it all… luckily me and my friend never had any problems, once some one tried to pickpocket my friends phone but he felt it and grabbed it backed before the guy ran away and disappeared into the crowd.

Most importantly how it reduces your chances from online game. Carnival in Brazil is when a big group of friends gather together and go to a bloco and have a good time together, of course you can go and talk to them and have fun, I have multiple make outs too, but again to pull from this situation is very hard as they are in their social circle and remember they are very judge mental here. So it’s not easy to convince them to ditch their friends to go to a tourists during this one week of the year they just want to party non stop with their friends. Of course they want to have sex too but it’s much more likely to happen in their social circle than a tourist.

On numerous occasions I had made plans too meet up for a drink at a bar, then they would change their mind and invite you to join them at a bloco with all their friends often with lots of homosexual friends too. Me and my friend ended up going to 3 blocos with girls we meet online, I still managed to pull 2/3 but was a lot more work and time. The 3rd just ending up in a make out before I bounced to go on another date which the girl actually flaked on me later so I should have stayed and friend to pull these 2 girls with my friend.

Carnival is a great experience and I encourage everyone to do it once in your life, but I’m pretty sure you will have a higher success rate coming here when it’s not Carnival as girls will be more bored and not partying like crazy, also you will get a lot more for your money.


I am leaving Rio with a extremely good experience, not only are the women hot but they are passionate and loving. 3 our of the 4 9’s I had sex with, I had a great connection with too.
One I ended up seeing about 6/7 times, we would go to blocos together, watch the sunset together, we had a very strong emotional connection which felt really nice.

Another one I pulled from night game, again a strong connection, she didn’t want me to leave, shared a picture of out hands together on her Instagram story with some romantic love phrases in Portuguese, came to take care of me when I was sick on my last day in Rio and cried when I left.

Overall it felt really nice to also have some great connections and share experiences with these beautiful women, I will definitely come back to Rio one day to find a Brazilian wife!


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