Getting Laid in Brazil Part 6: Quick and Easy Tinder Lay (by BritSlayer)

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This one was super straight forward as you can see. She was into me from the start and even suggested the meet up her self by the second or third message. It was already around late evening and I had another girl coming over so I set it up for the next day. Again I was juggling around with girls so I got her to come over even earlier the next day as I had the 2 girls I had pulled from night game with my friend coming over at night.

I had literally just moved onto my new airbnb, leaving me just enought time to go and grab more condoms and locate a nearby bar. (A task made difficult by  most places being closed for Carnaval). I head back home send her the address then get ready to meet her. Luckily the new flat was bigger and had 2 rooms do I didn’t have to kick my friend out this time.

I head off to meet her, on the way I realize that I had sent her the wrong address. Fortunately,  she had searched it by the name. She arrives looking nice and pretty, a cute face and nice slim body. We order some beer and start to chat, the place was completely empty so every time we spoke all the staff could hear everything so it was quite awkward. We sat opposite to each other so I held strong eye contact, then started escalating, touching her hands and arms. I could tell she was really horny but just a bit shy. Anyways I told her let’s go and see some of my travelling and cooking videos but only if she was a good girl and didn’t try to steal my recipes.

I message my friend on the way saying I would be there in 3 minutes to make sure he closed his bedroom door. We arrive, I get some more beer for us then lead her to the bedroom. From there we are both on the bed, after the first video ends (5 Minutes) we start making out, she stops every now and then to drink her beer. Less than 50 minutes until the 2 girls would arrive. This time I was praying they would be late as usual and not on time for once.

From there I start to undress her as we make out more and more intensely, she was wearing a summer dress so I took her bra off first, started to suck on her tits, I pulled her dress up… Pulled her panties to the side as I start to lick her clit, she looks at me as says « you’re fast » from there I start to eat her out big time before I pound the shit out of her, she had never been fucked in the air before and came really hard, she left big scratch marks on my back, she got me really horny, I ended up coming all over her tits.

By now my friend was texting me from the room next door telling me to hurry up as the girls would be here in 15 minutes. We jump in the shower together quickly, I had already told her i had a dinner that night so she knew it was time to go. I only had time to take her to the loft as it would have been too risky to go down stairs in case the other girls saw us together. She leaves and 6 Minutes later the other girls arrived, I had just enough time to make the bed and throw the condoms away.

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  1. Anonymous on June 18, 2018 at 1:21 PM

    Who the fuck wants to be fucked in the air? Yeah, not me. And are you sure she even came? I mean do you really know what that feels like? Yeah, I doubt it.

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