Welcome to part 2 of my article series on foreplay. In part 1, I talked about how nipple stimulation is a powerful way to turn women on, and a not very commonly used technique. In part 2, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite techniques: massages. Massages can be quite simple, but they still require some experience, so that you can learn to not be nervous to give them.

From the big picture, what does the process of building up to a massage look like? Let’s assume you’ve built some good amount of sexual tension an hour or so into the date. You’ve turned her on enough with kisses, neck kisses, hair pulling, and other sexualization techniques, and there is no longer a lack of proximity. At this point, you can offer her a massage (this works really well if you’re not a 100% sure where her mind is at about having sex with you, since it’s a much lower ask than sex).

“Do you like massages?”


“Perfect. Lay on your stomach and I’ll give you one”

Why give you massages at all?

Massages are a great way for you and the girl to relax. But why do they work? Well, have you ever been to a massage parlor? Did you almost fall asleep? (Yes, of course you did, because massages are highly relaxing!)

Now, you obviously aren’t going to put a girl to sleep. That’s definitely not your goal. But, giving a sensual massage is a great way for her to get out of her head and more into her body. The touch, light pressure, etc. can get a girl to stop overthinking her usual insecurities, like:

“Hope he likes my body”

“Are we going to have sex? I hope I don’t disappoint”

“I hope I smell good”

Instead of worrying in her head about these, she’s going to redirect her focus on:

“Ah. That feels good”

“Kinda making me wet”

“Hope he touches my pussy”

Remember, men get hard like an on-and-off switch, while women’s arousal level is much more like a knob that needs to slowly be dialed up. You need to gradually increase the temperature, until she’s so horny that you can rip the knob off 😉

My massage sequence

I’ll go through the sequence of body parts I follow. Your goal is not to move too fast, or touch certain parts too quickly, so she doesn’t get logical about what’s about to happen and put her guard up.

A side note: Your palms and thumbs are your best friends. This is how you can do the most “damage”

Types of Touches for Your Massage

There are a handful of types of touches you can use to enhance the massage overall. The good news is, you don’t need to be a professional masseuse to give a great massage that turns a girl on.

  1. The grab: This is just what it sounds like. The limbs, hips, and ass are the parts where you should use the grab. You do this like a motion as if you’re inspecting these body parts for something underneath. So, just the right amount of pressure but not too much.
  2. The thumb roll: This is my favorite for any body part to massage. Then applying pressure with your palm and rolling the thumbs up as if they’re windshield wipers while applying the pressure on her. Not too hard since that’s what massage parlors do (with their fists).
  3. The grab & twist: This is the twist motion added to #1. Think about trying to dry out wet clothes to hang it on a string to air dry it. Again. Not too much pressure
  4. The pizza dough motion: Imagine her back/booty is actually a pile of pizza dough that you’re rolling out. This is a combination of the palm and not the fist like in the case of pizza

The Importance of Massage Oil

I’m not sure it needs to be said, but just like having sex without lube, you don’t want to give a massage with your bare hands. Oil is really important to the process. I recommend that you use an oil that is condom-safe, since you’ll ultimately be rubbing her pussy, and you don’t want to put something down there that causes your condom to unexpectedly break.

Emotion Behind Touch

I tell girls on dates that I’m an expert at giving massages and that I put “emotion behind touch.” It doesn’t logically mean anything to us but gets the girls intrigued. You can make a massive difference with massaging with care and taking your sweet ass time by being patient. Why? Because you don’t desperately need to get to the sex portion. When you’re massaging her, imagine you’re doing this to a close one and you want her to feel amazing. You may not care about the girl until you close but this shows some sort of a promise that you won’t just dump after closing.

The sequence:

  1. Shoulders: Start off with her traps and close to the back of the neck. Most people in general carry a lot of stress there. An instant KO if you do it right. She’ll be very relaxed and want you to continue. Then the shoulders itself with the grab & twist/pizza flour. You can continue all the way to the hands too. And interlock your fingers for a second just to create that romantic feel
  2. Traps: This is more of a thumb roll region and this will definitely sooth her a lot. Sometimes I do the pizza dough here but it may be a bit too sensitive for the tough palm since there isn’t a lot of cushion here
  3. Lat and lower back: You can use the thumb roll and a grab motion. The grabbing at the side hip part kind of paints the picture in the girl’s head of how it would feel if you were grabbing her and pounding her in doggy position
  4. Booty: The glory booty part. For this, you could literally use all the 4 motions above. This is especially relaxing for girls who workout a lot and have their booty always sore. I personally spend at least 15 minutes massaging the booty. Once she’s more and more relaxed, I even spank the booty to see where she is at. If she lets a moan, I know she’s ready
  5. Legs, thighs, inner thighs: This is a grab & twist motion with a bit of the pizza dough roll to tease her around the pussy. I like to start off with her legs still being closed off. Once she gets more and more comfortable. I spread her legs apart. If she keeps them apart and doesn’t close them off, then it’s the biggest green light you can get and the next step is caressing the pussy outside the panties

Some girls also like a foot massage but I personally don’t do that until I’ve been seeing the girl for a while.

Use Massages to Get to Sex Faster

Massages are a great segue to foreplay since massages will make her more and more comfortable with your touch and she knows how it feels like all over her body. I use this technique frequently, because it helps overcome any possible LMR she might give by allowing me to turn her on without doing anything overtly sexual (at least, at first during the massage).

In short, if you’re not using massages as part of your escalation technique in the bedroom, you should start on your very next date. And of course, once you’ve got her turned on from your massage, you don’t want to just stick your dick in here. The next step is turn her on even more, by teasing her clit, pussy, fingering her, and more. So stay tuned – the next of these article series, I’ll break down my foreplay techniques for arousing her with her pussy.


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