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Not getting the results you want from Tinder? I understand. Tinder is more competitive than ever, with scientific research showing that the top 20% of men are vying for 78% of the women on there (leaving only 22% for everyone else!).


Imagine walking into a bar with 100 single women, knowing that only 22 of them were available to you. If your profile and messaging is not in the top 20%, this is your effectively reality on Tinder!


But then, what if you found out that a number of subtle personal tweaks and improvements could suddenly boost it so that at least 50 or 60 of those women were now available to you?


Our free eBook gives you everything you need to elevate your Tinder to the top 20%.


5 Golden Rules of Online Dating

Simply internalizing these 5 rules will result in you immediately taking a giant leap forward with your online dating results.

Crafting an Optimized Tinder Profile (Photos and Bio)

We've put in countless hours testing to understand the ideal profile. Apply them to yours to see instant results. As an added bonus, we share one secret line that, when added to your bio, will get hot girls messaging you first.

Sending an Opening Message That Will Get a Reply

Unsure whether it's more effective to send a canned line or a creative opener message? We break down the pros and cons of each, and as a bonus give you all the info you need to send a great opener that will get replies.

Messaging Successfully to Make Women Want to Meet

Texting on Tinder is where most guys get lost. We give you simple guidance on what to aim for with your texting, including 5 things most guys get wrong with texting that will scare a girl off.

How to Set Up a Date to Get Laid on Tinder

Ever gone out with a woman on 3-4 dates, only to have her tell you "let's just be friends" or still be wondering when she's going to have sex with you? We lay out how to set up the date in an optimal way to get laid quickly, including which types of dates you should avoid (hint: the list includes almost every popular type of date you can think of).