Tinder Lay Reports

Big Tits Blonde Model – Craigslist LR

Hot Celeb Model Fucked

In my last Craigslist lay report I mentioned how I have been using Craigslist for years to bang some of the hottest girls out there. This girl was a perfect example. Hot Blonde Model who is unhappily married and wanted to get fucked by someone other then her rich beta husband. As with the previous…

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Big Tits College Girl – Tinder LR (By David)

The screenshots are pretty self explanatory, but here is a quick breakdown. Based on my profile, I already know why most women swipe right. Our starting point is sex. There are two lines that I use to determine what my angle has to be in order to get the fuck date: “If you’re shy, I’d totally understand!”…

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Exotic Calendar Model – Hinge LR (By David)

Cover Model Lay

We matched on hinge and I used my rather successful opener “You look like you’d have a great pussy to eat!”. I had a couple days to get this done before my flight. Fortunately, I get a positive response and I know she is DTF. I know I can get an instant fuck date as…

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Sexy Redhead Wont Give Number Out – Tinder LR

This conversation started out pretty standard. Normal banter that I started adding bits of sexuality to, until we were sexting. Then when I could tell she was invested I went to make plans. We agreed to meet up a few days later, but then when I went to ask for her number she wouldn’t give…

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DD Tit Latina Milf – Craigslist LR

  I have been meeting girls on Craigslist for a very long time. However, this is my first time writing about it. Ill be honest, the main reason I kept this to myself is self-interest. All my success on craigslist has come from putting out very specific ads in the Men for Women or Casual…

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Big Booty Deaf Asian Chick – Bumble LR (By David)

Big Booty Asian tinder

My Bumble was banned right after I got her number, so I lost that convo along with some solid leads. I started off with a pussy eating line (her opener was Hello) and she told me that she hated that I started off sexually and that she should just unmatch me. I asked her why…

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Hot Big Tits Milf – Tinder LR

Big Tit Milf Tinder

Situations like this are the reason I never dismiss girls right away for not having body pics (if their face looks attractive). Some of the hottest girls, I hooked up with did not have clear body pics. My theory is that due to most people assuming they are fat, you have significantly less competition and…

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Hot Flaky Submissive 18 Year old – Tinder LR

Hot 18 Year Old Tinder

This one was NOT easy. It took a bit of messaging, two Face-time sessions, two phone calls, and one emotional breakdown (on her part), before I was able to even meet up with her. However, in the end it was worth it. She was young, hot, and kinky. Here is the story with the Screenshots…

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Bubble Butt Sorority Girl – Tinder LR (Video Included)

Getting Laid On Tinder

This one enters the list of my best Tinder hookups She Messaged me first “Hey =)”. In one of her pictures she had some greek letters, I googled them and found out what sorority it was and nonchalantly ask her about it in my second message (showing knowledge of her world, helps builds massive comfort) She…

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