Tinder Lay Reports

Sexy Colombian Girl with Juicy Ass – Spanish Tinder LR

I wanted to write up a lay report from my recent trip to Colombia for any one who lives in or is thinking about going to Central or South America (which every man absolutely should). I did a full guide on How to message in Latin America here and this is a great example, but this…

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Fucking 3 Euro Couchsurfers + 2 Tag Teams (by David)

Finnish Couchsurfer Bang

This Post will be about the last 3 couchsurfers I banged. A Finnish, an Italian and a Spanish/Asian.   Blonde Fake Titty Finnish Girl: This Couchsurfer was traveling around the USA from Finland. My friend/roommate had met her in Los Angeles and drove her back with him to Vegas. She stayed for over a week…

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Hot Blonde Russian Girl – Bumble LR

This one wasn’t easy! The initial message exchange on bumble got off to a good start. Good banter and playful back and forth. She was replying almost instantly. Then when I asked her if she was from Russia (which was related to our convo), she suddenly stopped responding. I figured she probably just got distracted…

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Big Tits Blonde Model – Craigslist LR

Hot Celeb Model Fucked

In my last Craigslist lay report I mentioned how I have been using Craigslist for years to bang some of the hottest girls out there. This girl was a perfect example. Hot Blonde Model who is unhappily married and wanted to get fucked by someone other then her rich beta husband. As with the previous…

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Exotic Calendar Model – Hinge LR (By David)

Cover Model Lay

We matched on hinge and I used my rather successful opener “You look like you’d have a great pussy to eat!”. I had a couple days to get this done before my flight. Fortunately, I get a positive response and I know she is DTF. I know I can get an instant fuck date as…

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Sexy Redhead Wont Give Number Out – Tinder LR

This conversation started out pretty standard. Normal banter that I started adding bits of sexuality to, until we were sexting. Then when I could tell she was invested I went to make plans. We agreed to meet up a few days later, but then when I went to ask for her number she wouldn’t give…

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DD Tit Latina Milf – Craigslist LR

  I have been meeting girls on Craigslist for a very long time. However, this is my first time writing about it. Ill be honest, the main reason I kept this to myself is self-interest. All my success on craigslist has come from putting out very specific ads in the Men for Women or Casual…

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Big Booty Deaf Asian Chick – Bumble LR (By David)

Big Booty Asian tinder

My Bumble was banned right after I got her number, so I lost that convo along with some solid leads. I started off with a pussy eating line (her opener was Hello) and she told me that she hated that I started off sexually and that she should just unmatch me. I asked her why…

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